More Taeyang for JSDA (BTS Video)- Updated with 30 sec. CM!

The JSDA campaign is in full swing and has been on TV, posters, ad trucks, and billboards in major cities in Japan.

UPDATE (130614): 30 sec. version of CM released!

More video under the cut:

This JSDA clip was aired on June 3 on TV Asahi (Zenryokuzaka.)

Thanks to bbvipchannel for the subs and uploads!

Aired June 4 (BIGBANGgdfan):

For those wondering what the certification event is all about:

Details: Japan Street Dance Association certification event for all levels of hip hop and jazz dancers. Guest judge, Sol from Big Bang.
July 13-July 15, all day, ¥5,350 (JSDA member)/ ¥ 7,895 (non-member).
Venue: Avex Artist Academy. Nearest station: Harajuku.

3 thoughts on “More Taeyang for JSDA (BTS Video)- Updated with 30 sec. CM!”

  1. Ahhhh….so YB is going to be a guest judge? That’s awesome.

    I hope he enjoys himself those 3 days. Seeing people all ages and shapes dancing their butts off and doing what they love. Who knows, maybe he’ll get to join in on the fun too!

  2. I can imagine YB will enjoy being there. I think he’ll be itching to join in at these auditions, haha. I can also imagine he’ll provide some good insight and advice to participants with his wise words. They made a good decision to have him on board ;).

    Ugh, they should televise these things. I’d love to see it.

  3. I knew 15secs was too short! ;). I’m happy to see there is more, and that they captured more of his moves. I sure love watching him dance ♥

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