Taeyang for JSDA in “Dance Style Kids” Magazine (Interview and Scans)


SOL Special Interview : (He kindly answered various questions we asked!)

“For me, Dance is Bliss”

Q1 : First of all, How do you feel about becoming the main visual artist character image of JSDA?

I’m happy, super happy.

Q2: What do you think of “JSDA certified street dance test”?

I think it’s very good. We all (dancers) are in the same situation in that it’s very hard to make a living with a dancing career, not only in Japan but all over the world.  And you can’t make it (=you are unlikely to make a living at dancing ) unless you are really outstanding among others.  In that sense, the certified test is a very good movement.

Q3. What made you interested in singing and dancing?

I saw Michael Jackson as a kid when he visited Korea , and thought to myself, “I want to be an artist like him!”  That’s how it started. I started to learn dancing at age 13.  As for singing, I started to learn seriously after my singing career began.

Q4: Do you feel the difference of dance culture between Japan and Korea?

I think public awareness about dance is higher in Japan (than in Korea); I happen to see people dancing on the street (quite often), and dancing has gained a lot of popularity among little kids, no?

I heard that (Japanese) schools adopted dancing, so I feel that it became widely recognized in Japan.

Oh and, when I recently made a private visit to japan, I had the chance to take dancing lessons, and was totally impressed that the kids in the dance studio enjoyed themselves very much.

Q5. What is it about dancing that fascinates you the most?

Because It feels so good ! When I’m completely absorbed in dancing, I feel like I may completely abandon myself or rather, I CAN!   Dance, to me, means bliss! (extreme happiness)

Q6. The last question: Any advice for the readers who seek to become artists on how to succeed as a top artist?

I’ve never thought of myself as a top artist. I sing and dance because I love it.  When I was in middle school, I was just happy to be able to sing and dance.

“I love to sing!” “I’m happy when I dance!”  – if you don’t forget such feelings and keep on going, you can make your life meaningful even if you don’t become  a top artist.   The thing is –  it’s important to keep your dream alive.

Scans from YB-518%. Translations by Rika F. (@solysombra0518).  Please credit if taking elsewhere.  See more from the JSDA campaign here.




12 thoughts on “Taeyang for JSDA in “Dance Style Kids” Magazine (Interview and Scans)”

  1. The poster campaign and truck advertising has been going on in major cities in Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Osaka if I recall correctly) and the CM has also been airing on some local stations.

    Fans have been tweeting the truck and poster sightings for the past week and it certainly is eye-catching. A sample:

  2. Our YB is so eloquent and passionate. It’s awesome seeing all the updates on his ad campaign. Might I add, he looks so hot! 😉 ♥

  3. I love that he took dance lessons when he was in Japan. To me a true artist is someone who continues to work on their craft and thinks there is always more they can learn.

    And can I just say that I think sitting in traffic would be a whole lot more bearable if I was sitting next to something with a huge picture of YB on it. 😉

  4. Even in a short interview like this one he is still so sweet and eloquent ❤ Is it bad that I want to just go to Japan now to see giant YB posters? LOL

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