[Blast from the Past] Awwww… (Take 2)

One of my favorite photos ever of Taeyang.

More below the cut:

This was part of an exhibit called “Letters from Angels” in 2009 by Photographer Cho Seihun (@3photo on twitter) together with the Social Welfare Society, Inc. of a series of portraits of celebrities with orphan children to promote domestic adoption in Korea. More than 100 celebrities have participated in the annual campaign which was launched in 2003.
Taeyang was quoted at the time as saying “As it was first time for me to see these babies, it made my heart flutter with joy. I wish the babies will grow up in a happy family with full of love.”

ATY had posted on this photo back then and it got a lot of media coverage, but new fans might have never seen it (and old fans may want to relive the sheer adorableness of it all.) This photograph is the essential Taeyang – warm smile (and eyesmile), simple clothes and styling, seemingly genuine joy – and a baby! Teydaddy indeed.

Photos via Vogue.co.kr. See more photos from the campaign here: http://gallery.lovefund.or.kr

9 thoughts on “[Blast from the Past] Awwww… (Take 2)”

  1. It’s been 3.5 years since this photo was taken and I’m not sure when we are ever going to see something like this again. ( Kind of miss when he was still saying “Simple is best…” But then again, its really kind of hard to stick to being simple doing what he does…) One of my dearest wishes is for this phase of “making faces while taking photos” passes and he can relax a bit and just smile. Then we can hopefully have more photos like these…

    I’ve always liked Taeyang best when he is at his most “ordinary” and not “on”- messy hair, behind the scenes and just being laid back. It’s like he has less barriers between us as fans and the real him (and I really do think he’s at his most handsome when he’s just being simple.) I hope he’ll share a little bit of that guy with us again when he gets the chance.

    1. ^This right here, is so damn true. Each thing you said I completely agree. The “making faces while taking photos”, I just miss his bright smile.

      Remember the phase where he wore them checkered shirts and simple jeans and sneakers? The way he dresses nowadays has me cringing a bit. I used to think that YB dressed the best among BB members. Simple is the best. Definitely.

      Cant wait for his solo comeback, hope theres some of the old him there as well. He seems to be living sort of a wild-life right now haha.
      Just want him relaxed and.. be YB – like before. But people change with time. And who am I to tell him what to do. Ha!

  2. Awwwwww…….why oh why do you do this to me BM! Giving me all sorts of fuzzy feelings inside.

    I’m always happy that YB finds himself more free these days. Although I do have to agree, simple YB was always the best. I hope he manages to find a balance between the two.

  3. Oh I love this photo shoot! The way he is holding that baby, so lovingly. For sure he’ll be an amazing dad…

    I’m with you on this, yet I feel the key to contentment is inner liberation and I feel he has achieved that. There’s something about his mannerisms, the way he speaks, and his aura, which exudes confidence and joyfulness. I style I prefer would be great!, but I never want him to lose his sense of expressing himself how he chooses. I find that more personable, he is like an open book lol. That can make me uneasy at times haha (not knowing what to expect), but I respect him so much more for it ♥

    Here’s to hoping he gets a feel for jeans and simple white T’s again! lol (well… he did say that what he plans to wear this summer! 😉 ).

  4. Ohhh!! I remember and still love this photo to no end!! This is what, taken 2009? Damn!

    Just oozing ‘husband material’ everywhere with that amazing, innocent smile of his and that cute baby in his arms ❤ ADORABLE!!!

    Before I get over-excited and comment PG+, I really loved the simplicity of it all. Just YB in jeans and tees (and a baby).

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