Happy Burstday Taeyang! (with updates on ATY’s 2013 Birthday Project)

Another year has gone by and hasn’t it been amazing? You’ve travelled the world, made new friends, experienced new things and learned to be a better and happier Taeyang in the process. The best part is – you get to do it all again this year! So wishing you even more success, happiness, peace and love over the coming 12 months. Keep shining Taeyang!

Meanwhile, ATY’s Message book full of our best wishes should be winging it’s way closer towards you by now. Hope you enjoy the sincere good wishes and positive energy from the ATY community!

More gifs and updates on ATY’s 2013 Birthday project below the cut!

Thanks to Elé from sol-shining.tumblr.com for the birthday gifs!


Our 2013 Message Book has been sent out and we’re happy to say we got over 50 letters! Unfortunately, we can’t share all of them here with you but we can say that we are 100% sure Taeyang will love them!

As far as theme and design is concerned, we were inspired by the 1920’s children’s book “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams. (It’s about a beloved toy bunny that wants to become real. See our intro in the sample pages for why we chose it.   For those who have never read this lovely story, you can read it here. ) The message book was patterned after children’s books and given a mostly vintage  (and some a bit more modern)  feel in keeping with the theme. We also sent Taeyang a copy of the original book as a gift just so he knows the story too.

Here are some sample pages of the book (with our thanks to those who allowed us to share their letters with everyone). Click on a thumbnail to start the slideshow (click on the option for “View full size” on the bottom right corner to improve resolution for each photo and make reading easier.)

And the package wrapped up and ready to go…

Thanks to everyone for helping us cheer Taeyang on his birthday! ( A special round of thanks to YB Mania for delivering the gift for us!)

18 thoughts on “Happy Burstday Taeyang! (with updates on ATY’s 2013 Birthday Project)”

  1. This brought me to tears. Thank you for all your efforts. It’s a beautiful and thoughtful compilation of sincere messages for our YB. I hope he sees just how much we love him and just want him to be happy, while still reaching for the stars ♥

    Thank you ATY ♥

    1. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one to be brought to tears. 🙂

      The book turned out better than anything I could even imagine. Thank you ATY for all your hard work. I can’t even imagine what YB must feel to see so many letters of encouragement and support. And how cute were those letters from that niece and nephew. Definitely blows my letter out of the water. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday to the forever amazing Dong YoungBae aka Taeyang aka TeyDaddy aka YoungBeezy aka SOL aka YB Taekwon. 🙂

    He officially has gone through more names than Diddy. Haha

    Maybe all his wishes and hopes come true! And may he continue to travel the world, sharing his sincerity and passion for music with the rest of the world.

    The present looks amazing! I’m so happy to see that it came out so perfect!

    1. I’m over-caffienated and have spammed all of ATY’s followers on twitter. (Sorry! Only happens once a year…)

      Hope YB goes through all those tweets… I was looking at the photo edits and fanart people were sending him and a lot were really cool and funny.

      1. Lol. YB’s goal in life is to be The Artist Formerly Known As……

        And is it really the caffeine’s fault? May 18 is just a special day. 🙂

        Babymoon’s edits are hilarious! Have you seen them? Haha

        1. I RT’d all 25 of them on ATY’s twitter, lol. I think I tweeted more today than I did all of the past 6 months.

          “The artist formerly known as… ” haha. Well he does like him some Prince (well who doesn’t like Prince anyway….) And he has started signing himself as a bear…. (Bebebear, right? 😛 )

          Too much coffee makes me hyper.. or maybe its a sugar rush from too much cake…

  3. ATY, good job! thanks for the hard work & effort!
    so touched by the fact that fans could do something meaningful for him to keep a life time long.
    So many letters in that book! could you share the names of those whose letter was included?

    so eager for YB to receive the gift! hope he likes it…

    1. Everyone who sent a letter was included. (We also emailed everyone back to let them know we got their letter.) We can’t share names here without permission, but if you haven’t gotten our confirmation email and want to check again, email us at atybday@gmail.com 🙂

  4. Dear ATY
    I just want to say that you guys made an amazing gift, I also want to thank you for giving this amazing chance for fans around the world to get closer to their idol. I really appreciate it and I hope we can share many years together!

  5. Ooh a vintage-themed message book. So cute! Love the designs for the pages. I’m sure he’ll love it. Just want to thank you BM for organizing this project. Glad that this turned out successfully 🙂

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving this chance for all of us to write a letter to him ❤

    And Happy Birthday to the most energized bunny we know! XD

    The message book looks AMAZING, AWESOME, and GREAT! Love the vintage look. THANK YOU AGAIN!

  7. Reading the messages bring me a lot of emotions ♥ we may start being a YB fan at different time, been hooked up by different songs, falling for him with different reasons but the love we have is the same ♥ thanks guys, especially the admins for this amazing project !!!

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