GDYB tease new photoshoot on Instagram (130516)

GDYB is up to something again and they are dropping hints aplenty on their instagram!

youngbeezzy: Live Fast Never Die #chopper#bratson#gdyb

youngbeezzy: Leggo #bratson#chopper

xxxibgdrgn: ROCKANDROLLBABY #wild & #young #gdyb #bratson #LAMF

xxxibgdrgn: MEANDMYHOMIE #wild & #young #gdyb #bratson #LAMF

youngbeezzy: My fam @xxxibgdrgn #teddy @geeeunonly #ghostshoes

youngbeezzy: 은이누나귀여워!! my lovely stylist 🙂

So what could be the reason for the return of that paisely jumpsuit? I guess we’ll find out someday (unless it gets put in the same vault as that L.A. Chromehearts photoshoot that has yet to see the light of day…)

My first guess (from their liberal use of hashtags) is that it is an ad or fashion editorial for Bratson, Monster Woo’s clothing line – which would make sense since it is a match for GDYB’s style and their long history with Woo Fam from back in their trainee days.

UPDATE: It was finally confirmed that the filming was for CL’s new MV.

Photos from Taeyang and Gdragon’s Instagram.

9 thoughts on “GDYB tease new photoshoot on Instagram (130516)”

  1. Lol. Even before I read it, I was thinking it was a Bratson photoshoot based on their tags and their closeness with Monster Woo, especially considering it’s GDYB, who btw, seem attached at the hip lately.

    Why are we thinking alike?!!!?!!?!?! Haha

    I love those Bratson jackets soooooo much! So badass.

    Wonder why Teddy and Jae are there though, unless they’re being shot as well.

    And can I just say how jealous I am of Ji Eun? Lucky woman.

    1. The only thing that throws me off is the presence of Jae… unless he’s there simply because he’s friends with Woo fam? Because if he’s there as a choreographer, it could only mean a CF or MV. (And I don’t think Bratson would do a CF…) Even Hwangssabu is there so hmmmm.

      I saw some guesses that they could be part of CL’s MV (especially since its supposed to be very “visual”) And the timing is right for the video shoot too since Rie Hata, D-blast and even lol Kidz seem to be in Korea till the 21st. So there is that possibility…

      Lots of GDYB activity, and this is only the stuff we actually know about. We already know that GD wil also be involved in YB’s solo somehow but beyond that I wonder what the plans are for them as a unit. They do seem to have a lot of prep work leading to that so I can’t help but think they have something much bigger planned than the odd featuring in each others’ solo songs and promotions.

      Whatever it is though, nothing can justify the return of that jumpsuit. Once was more than enough.

      1. Exactly! Teddy, Hwangssabu, Jae, Ji Eun……these people can’t all be here for CL’s mv.

        GD’s IG posts made me think they were going to cameo for CL.
        But YB’s posts make me think this is a GDYB project. They’ve bee together a lot lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is something huge in the works for the two.

        Please no musical sub-unit. I just want YB and YB only. I’d even take the jumpsuit over a sub-unit. Lol

        1. Actually those are the people I would expect to be there for CL’s video. Even GDYB haha. Based on YB’s hair and outfit, I refuse to consider that this is for his own solo haha. And its way too early to be shooting for GD’s solo. (I can’t imagine YG shooting anything this far in advance for that… )

          Jumpsuit and solo vs subunit….What kind of choice is that? The sort of thing to drive me to comfort food, that’s what…

        2. Lol.

          According to Twitter talk, GDYN ARE filming some sort of mv. What it is though…….hasn’t been revealed yet.

          I refuse to believe that they recycled such clothing for a YB solo mv. So this better not be for him.

        3. If its for a mv, and not for CL, I would rather have it as a GD single or solo, or some GDYB sub-unit single, as long as it has nothing to do with YB’s own solo album. I can only imagine swag and electro-pop/hip-hop with those style and outfit, there isn’t even a hint of R&B in there.

        4. Haha I love that we are all on the same page about this. Separate sub-unit no problem, as long as a still get a pure YB album that is mostly R&B influenced by this year.

          Honestly, I’m pretty confident this is not for YB’s solo album. Too much hinted towards him focusing on the R&B genre and as you’ve all said, this looks very much hip hop influenced. It might even be for CL, that’s very likely. I agree that everyone there would be there for her, I think. Yanggeng’s presence would have been the ultimate give away. Then again, Harry Kim being there makes me think it’s more GD orientated. Lets see…

  2. I swear YB needs to just tell us what’s going on so we can all relax and not have to keep guessing haha. I don’t do well with teasers 🙂

    With that being said, I’m with everyone else on this.

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