Big Bang for G-Market [Photos and Subbed Videos]

G-G-G-G-Market! Big Bang has endorsed G-Market for some time now, and they’re back together for their newest collaboration.

More photos and videos after the cut.

Behind the scenes.

YB cuts.

Thanks to bbvipchannel for the subbed video and ybpotato for YB version!  Official videos can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Big Bang for G-Market [Photos and Subbed Videos]”

  1. I love seeing YB playing around. I honestly don’t think those extras expected him to talk to them. What a dork. Haha

    YB looks good. Except why do these recent G-Market photos make him seem a foot shorter than everyone else, even GD. I love fun-sized YB, but this goes to show that YB should always be front and center. 🙂

    1. I’ve noticed that they do tend to highlight GD in the Gmarket ads – but perhaps thats because he was their original spokesperson to begin with. (And their photoshopping this time around isn’t as bad as the stuff in the past. Ive seen some ads where GD is even taller than TOP.) Oh well, everyone knows YB is the shortest anyway even if this campaign calls attention to it in a particular way…

      To be honest, G-market ads don’t usually do anything for me (usually indifferent to meh about them) but I have to admit the elevator scene was cute. He looked like he was in a good mood when shooting and it showed in the final product. Maybe he was pleased that he could get away with his unusual styling inspite of being a CF haha… (I can imagine that there was some discussion with the stylist and sponsors over that…)

  2. This has to be my favourite g-market ads with them. YB in a chirpy mood is the most adorable thing. Such a funny clip when he’s in the elavator haha. Even from the pics he’s just being so spontaneous and the random YB I love. So entertaining, even when just being himself. Gotta love him! 😉 ♥

  3. Those shorts don’t help either. It makes him look even shorter. But no matter the size he does look good.

    And as for the elevator scene, TY is lucky that was an elevator full of older men. If it was full of young girls, I don’t know if he would have made it out in one piece 😉

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