Taeyang repping JSDA (Official CM, BTS and Posters)

Finally! After weeks of teasing, JSDA has released Taeyang’s new CF on it’s site. Check it out here:  http://jsda.info/index.html

More video and photos under the cut:

Screencap from URTHESUN_JP.



Uploaded by aco brick

The launch of the CF on the official JSDA site is the start of a multimedia ad campaign to be rolled out in the next few weeks. Can’t wait to see what else they have planned.

UPDATE: Fan taken photos of the posters for the campaign. It seems there are 4 versions out so far (these were taken in train stations and from one of Daesung’s concerts.)

And a panaflex sign in Osaka.

Photos via @YB_518 , @cananbae, @bb_YmayuB, @bb_yg26 and @sol_to_soul on twitter.


9 thoughts on “Taeyang repping JSDA (Official CM, BTS and Posters)”

  1. The CF is pretty much what I expected, except for the lack of smiles. Why so serious, YB? I always think of his dougie-ing as his version of a happy dance (which is most of the time) and I miss the gleeful silliness he usually exudes when he’s dancing this way. Or maybe it was the way the CF was directed?

    Otherwise, he’s pretty much Teydaddy being himself and doing his thing, which is always good for me. But perhaps he’s saving something new for when his album launches (which should be soon, right? right? right?….grumble)

    1. Just updated with the BTS video of the CF making – and turns out it was the director after all. (He really was smiling – and dancing a lot more!) Hope they release a longer CF version (though the Making video more than makes up for the brevity of the 15 sec version.)

  2. I wish there was more! I’m wondering if it’ll be longer in the tv-cm. 15 seconds is as long as the teaser! That’s not enough. Ah, but the BTS video was the icing on the cake. His smile is just…ugh ♥ haha..

    Looking forward to see what else they have in store!

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