Taeyang is the new model for JSDA!

(And that’s not the Japan Securities Dealers Association! ahem) As expected from the video teaser released some weeks ago, Taeyang (officially SOL in Japan) will be the image model to endorse the Japan Street Dance Association which will include a special TV-CM as part of the campaign.

The campaign will launch on May 10 on the official JSDA site and will be shown both online and through various advertising media outlets across major cities in Japan.

Taeyang says” I’m happy, I’m very happy! I want to inspire people with my music and dance. I hope my dance reaches out to a lot of people.” (trans: @sol_to_soul) [Alternate translation from URTHESUN_JP: “I hope that the hearts of many people will be moved when they see me dance.”]

JSDA was founded in 2001 to promote dance culture and aid dance professionals and holds dance events such as workshops and showcases for its members.

From the official website.

Photo via @keitadj


11 thoughts on “Taeyang is the new model for JSDA!”

  1. The ad campaign seems fairly extensive for this sort of thing since it will include web advertising, TV, print and transit advertising as well as everywhere on the street (and in major sites like Tokyo’s Shibuya station and Shinsaibashi in Osaka) in major cities. The CM was shot using “high speed motion control” (in short special camera work with a motion control crane) so it seems that some work was put into this.

    I really do wonder if this is leading to more Japan activities for TY? Or perhaps he just really loves street dancing that much (and really wanted to do it.) I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more the latter reason…

    1. Japan Securities Dealers Association? Really BM? Lol

      I’m excited. This seems like a big project and I can’t wait to see how much involvement YB has in it. Knowing how much he loves street dancing and dancing in general, I hope we get to see some of his latest and greatest moves soon.

      His love and passion for dancing leading to more activities for YB? Can’t fault that at all.

      1. Haha! I’m actually glad to know I wasn’t the only one who came across that. I was confused for a moment, so yeah…ahem thanks for that bluemaid! lol!…

        I’m really excited too. I’m happy YB is doing something he loves, and is passionate about and is able to express and share that under a company dedicated to promoting dance culture ♥

    1. lol. I expect there will be some dougie involved somewhere. But now in slow motion! haha

      I’m actually more concerned all that dancing will be buried under 6 layers of clothing (one being an oversized sweater big enough to hide Boss in.) And those Rick Owens leather shorts and pants are certainly getting a LOT of wear – they should be paying him for how much he wears them.

  2. This is so befitting for YB. He loves dance, and here is a company that’s passionate about promoting dance. After a little research, I realized that JSDA is like an enterprise that promotes professional dancers, holds events to endorse street dance culture, and also workshops for aspiring dancers, and general people who have a love dance. To know YB is going to be the face of all of that is a big tribute to him and his passion for dancing. I mean the guy is a dancing machine! Dance is his life. He is in his element right now.

    I actually can’t wait to see him busting those dance moves again, particularly for his solo work, but now hopefully also for this. I’m looking forward to seeing YB really dancing again like he can 🙂

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