Taeyang at GDragon’s One of A Kind Osaka Concert (130427-29) – Fancams

Osaka-saka- loooooove!

Taeyang was at his usual spot as G-homie in residence at G-Dragon’s One Of A Kind tour stop at the Osaka Kyocera Dome.   As in previous stops on the Japan tour, he performed “Where U At” and “Breakdown”  and joined Gdragon on an encore of “Bad Boy.”

Due to a mishap which resulted in Gdragon’s spraining an ankle at the end of the first concert day, Taeyang promised to “do his best” for the second day to help his friend.  They were also joined by Daesung who made a special trip to Osaka out of concern for GD’s injury, and all three BB members performed “Bad Boy”, “Fantastic Baby” and “Crayon” on the Day 2 encore.

HUGE thanks to urthesun and YB-518% for the fancams and photos! ❤

Day 3 Fancams

Taeyang’s Solo

Encore – Badboy

Day 2 Fancams

Taeyang’s Solo 







Day 1 Fancams

Taeyang’s  Solo


Encore – Bad Boy


6 thoughts on “Taeyang at GDragon’s One of A Kind Osaka Concert (130427-29) – Fancams”

  1. I’m loving YB right now. The man was meant for the stage. The sheer enjoyment he gets from being on stage makes that obvious.

    I can’t wait for his next solo adventure. Hoping for more amazing stages from YB!

  2. This energizer bunny’s energy never depletes lol. That’s someone doing what they love, who completely gets lost in the moment. ♥

  3. He’s sooo energetic! and talented! and of course, a great dancer too! I love him! I dream with one of his concerts ♥ someday… that’s why I’m studying 😉 hahaha love u YB♥

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