Taeyang meets Cho Yong Pil (130423)

Taeyang finally got a chance to meet Cho Yong Pil, “King of Singers”, on April 23 at the showcase for his newly released  19th album titled “Hello”.

Taeyang is a huge fan of the legendary singer and had eagerly been anticipating the new songs. He must have been especially excited to get to meet the man himself backstage as he tweeted “On my way to meet KING” and   later on tweeted their photo together.

I can imagine how TY must have felt… pretty much the same feeling if I had a chance to meet Taeyang backstage. (Basically… squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… all on the inside of course!)

Here’s the title song of Cho Yong Pil’s new album. Think it was worth the wait?

Photo from @youngbeezzy on instagram

6 thoughts on “Taeyang meets Cho Yong Pil (130423)”

  1. One thing I do like about both “Bounce” and “Hello” is how the songs are so deceptively simple at the beginning and how they build in complexity and feeling towards the end of the song. “Bounce” has been on repeat for days..(Hello is also really catchy though I tend to like Bounce more for it’s “sing out loud” quality, hehehe.)

    1. I feel the same way about “Hello” and “Bounce”. Honestly, they give me the same feelings YB’s “Solar” intro does. Simple, yet complex at the same time. It’s such an interesting feeling.

  2. Thanks for making the post BM!

    I love seeing YB fanboy, especially over someone as iconic as CYP. I would have loved to see his behavior at the concert, if he was moving and grooving like we do when YB performs. Lol

  3. Ahh…his smile is just adorable! Great to see he got to meet someone he’s looked up to for a while. Sweet 🙂

  4. Oh I thought the video was for ‘bounce’. I’ve never heard ‘hello’ before. I actually really like it! It’s so catchy 🙂

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