Taeyang at GDragon’s One of a Kind Saitama Concerts (130420&130421)-Fancams

Taeyang made more guest appearances on G-Dragon’s One of a Kind tour on April 20, 2013 and April 21, 2013.  This time it was in Saitama, Japan at the Seibu Dome.  For both days, Taeyang performed his new found favorite songs “Where U At” and “Breakdown” and came out again to join GD for an encore stage of “Bad Boy”.

Performance videos below the cut.


Where U At


Encore (Bad Boy)


Where U At-Ment-Breakdown


Encore (Bad Boy)


During his ment on the second day, Taeyang mistakenly said “What’s up Osaka”.  But of course, he covered it up by being his cheesy, goofy self, explaining that the Seibu Dome was so far that he felt like he was already in Osaka.  Of course, the crowd was roaring in cheers and laughter anyway.  When in doubt, be your usual dorky self.  Haha

Taeyang seemed a little tired on Day 1.  Most likely because he just came back from the Kakao fanmeeting in Indonesia.  But he more than enough made up for it on Day 2.

As always, special thanks to urthesun and 518% for their fancams and photos.

10 thoughts on “Taeyang at GDragon’s One of a Kind Saitama Concerts (130420&130421)-Fancams”

  1. Honestly, I preferred his performances on day 2 over Day 1. He seem more energized and refreshed. I think the styling has a lot to do with it as well. He seems to be favoring that Juun.J sweater a lot now, but his dance moves are hampered by it in my opinion. Of course, he actually performed well on both days. I just think that day 2 was a little more like what I’m used to seeing from YB.

    And of course he gets the city wrong! This is coming from the same man that can’t remember the lyrics to the song he wrote! Haha

    1. TBQH, I find the styling so distracting since it kind of swallows him up and you really can’t see him move all that much. Plus I still find the whole hiphop vibe and moves at odds with the songs, especially since I have those past performances (like at Pentaport) to compare to. That said, I love that he’s so relaxed in the performances and it doesn’t look like “work” at all. It’s more energy than intensity, and he does seem to be having fun with it.

      I can’t help but feel he would much rather be doing new songs though and its a pity he doesn’t have any newer material to perform even as a guest. It’s great seeing him on stage either way, but I can’t help but sigh over that single that didn’t materialize in November.

    2. Completely agree. I much prefer day 2 performance. My goodness the amount of times he adjusted his trousers on day 1! Those juun.j baggy sweaters are becoming inconvenient and we know how much YB needs comfortable clothing when performing. I breathed a deep sigh of relief when I saw his clothes were more correctly fitted for his second day performance might I add lol.

      Other than that, still very much enjoying his energy. He knows how to get the crowd going. I’m happy his doing some of his old fast tracks at the least. I think he made a good decision to pick ‘break down’ as one. ‘Wedding dress’ just would not do at this stage lool.

  2. So yep day 2 wins it for me. It was also nice to see that more of the crowd came prepared for his performance with all the YB slogans and sign boards in sight :).

    Two parts that made me LOL. One where he did that loud “WOOT!” When the female dancer did that hip shake, and the other when he playfully came at one of the male dancers at the end of the performance (which he seemed to find hilarious lol). Cheeky YB is cheeky haha ;).

    1. I just loved seeing all of the YB/Taeyang/SOL placards near the stage. It’s so heartwarming to see his fans there especially since they had little warning of his guest appearance.

  3. I have to agree that the styling and the moves are throwing me off too when he performs these songs. But I must admit I’m starting to really like the new breakdown in Where U At the more that I hear it. I’m not a big fan of dubstep but it seems to work in this song.

    And unless I misunderstood his tweet it seems that he has songs that are done just not the ones GD is a part of. So I don’t see why he can’t do one of the songs that are completed. Either way I’m just glad he’s out there performing 🙂

    1. I’m assuming that since they’re slated for his album, he wouldn’t just randomly perform it at the concert. Especially since he’s just a guest performer on GD’s concert.

      Most especially since his fans have waited almost 3 years since his last release. The new songs should be performed in front of the majority of his fans, not someone else’s.

      1. That makes sense. I guess since I know he has new music I’m just really itching to hear it.

        But I really shouldn’t complain since I’m a fairly new fan I haven’t had to wait as long as almost everyone for new music 🙂

  4. Seems like TY’s ment was similar to the Fukuoka one:

    From the fancams: (Thanks so much to @solysombra0518 for the translations!)

    130420 Taeyang Talk + Breakdown Fancam of YB518%

    Yo Tokyo Make Some Noise! It’s a bit cold in Tokyo, but the atmosphere (in here?) is super, super HOT, right? (Note: Actually SEIBU DOME is not exactly located in Tokyo, but Saitama prefecture bordered by Tokyo.)

    You guys’re having fun now? (and YB said it again in Japanese) “Tanoshinde masuka?”

    —Call & Response —-

    Thank you so much for coming to my friend G-Dragon’s OOAK concert! I’ve been on stage as a guest since his Fukuoka concert. It was a sudden decision though, I’m really glad to see all of our fans in Japan! You guys too, right? Let’s have fun together till the end!

    The next song is… for real… I’m not lying… truly genuine brand-new….(VIPs:Eeeehhhh(Reaaaallllyyyy?))…. feeling song! (VIPs: LOL) It’s true! I don’t know this song very well and have not sung it very often. You guys might not have heard it, but it’s a fun song, so please enjoy! It goes like…

    130421 TAEYANG SOLO STAGE (Where U At + Break Down)

    “Wasssup OSAKA!! (VIPs: LOL)

    “Ah, This is NOT OSAKA..(Smile) (VIPs: LOL LOL) “I thought it’s
    Osaka cuz it’s a bit far from Tokyo here..” (VIPs: LOL LOL LOL)

    Saitama, Saitama, Saitama…LUV Rap

    “You guys having fun now? I’ve performed as a guest since the Fukuoka (Concert), is it alright? I’m COOL, right?” (VIPs: Yeaahh!) “I’m glad to stand on such a huge stage with my precious friend.”

    “I want to go to the next song… (VIPs: already knew what TY would say next and laugh..^^) “I’ll sing a new song…(VIPs: Awww(=No kidding!)) .. it’s like a new song, ‘cuz I don’t sing it very often, well then, please have fun! .. It goes ….

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