9 thoughts on “Mysterious Teaser for the Japan Street Dance Association”

    1. Why did I just watch a van go round and round from morning to night? Lol….

      Ah…an independent project would have been nice too, but I think this probably makes it more certain that YB will have a prominent role (since it’s a YG project). It only makes sense that YB will be the one to represent something like this on behalf of the company, with the ‘best dancer in kpop’ status. Anyway, looking forward for more to be revealed! 🙂

  1. I swear, YB must be psychic. A couple of days ago, I was thinking about YB and the whole underground dance crew scene. And then this comes out!
    I’m excited to see what YB’s role is in this whole thing. Participant? Host? Celebrity guest? Either way, I’m super excited.

    And I just love how you can tell it’s YB without even seeing his face. Haha

    1. I know right? He’s always been rather recognizable considering his unique style (even in silhouette). But yeah, it’s no surprise that he would love to do something like this considering his interest in street dance. So many questions…

  2. You bet he looks familiar. I think we can safely say that’s our YB without a shadow of a doubt lol. Goodness what is this about?! He kept that under wraps didn’t he. I couldn’t be happier with him associating with the street dance scene, it’s exactly what I’ve been hoping for. Hopefully he has a prominent role in this. Can May 1st come any sooner? ;)…

  3. That’s our boy (no, he’s a man now), no doubt about that! That definitely was a surprise, there didn’t seem to be any news of this. Loving all the posts coming in on news of our lovely YB 🙂

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