Bigbang at Kakao Talk Fanmeeting in Jakarta (130419)

Big Bang minus GDragon held a fanmeeting for KakaoTalk in Jakarta, Indonesia on April 19.

VIPs lucky enough to score a ticket got a chance to hang out with the boys for a little while for a brief Q&A session and a laid-back performance of Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby.  The highlight of the fanmeet was when 10 lucky members of the audience got the chance to hug one of the Big Bang members in exchange for a short dance. (And you know how TY gives such awesome hugs…)

Though the event was rather rushed, Taeyang was his usual energetic ray of sunshine. According to twitter fanaccounts, he did a little greeting (“Apa kabar” – How are you?), complimented Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice) and the Indonesian ladies and of course did a little promo for Kakao Talk.  The only new-ish thing we learned is that his favorite colors are black and white. (You don’t say…)  And I’m beginning to think that his previous tweet meant that he plans to wear various oversized JUUN J. white shirts all summer…

Bad Boy (cr: Pookie Goz)

Fantastic Baby (cr: annisa basyira)

Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy (cr: Randy Siskandar)

Photocredits to @mayblue85 on instagram, otherwise as tagged.  Thanks for sharing!

3 thoughts on “Bigbang at Kakao Talk Fanmeeting in Jakarta (130419)”

  1. The more he wears oversized clothing, the smaller I realize he is, lol. Our little, energetic Youngbae 🙂

    Lucky fans who get to see and hug our BB boys (I think I’d just about melt all over the floor)

  2. YB is the most personable. His hugs is as though he has known you for a long time. He’s just so sweet and friendly, and I’d really love a hug like that from him one day (dreaming away haha)…

    ..So loving, so lovely and so lovable. Such a sweetheart ❤

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