Spring is definitely here!

It’s “벚꽃 season” and the children are happily playing outside:)

xxxibgrgn: “The flowers bloomed

Youngbeezy: “BOYS”

Youngbeezzy: Yaaaaaaaaaawwkk!!

Youngbeezzy: Run run youngbae run!!!

Spring is also the season of rebirth and hope and I’m definitely hoping that we are going to get new music from Taeyang soon! Warmer weather must mean more sun after all…right?

Photos from @youngbeezzy and @xxxibgdrgn on instagram and @ibgdrgn twitter.

6 thoughts on “Spring is definitely here!”

  1. Do they seriously hang out, walking around looking like they’ve just done performing? Haaa though overall its a lil subdued but i expect them to go around in just jeans and simple looking tshirts.. ha.. guess i forgot this is BB we’re looking at..

  2. I swear looking at those pictures you wouldn’t think they are international superstars. But they look like they know how to have fun 🙂

  3. “…the children are happily playing outside:)” You’ve got that right! Such big kids they are lol!…and then there’s our most hyper energizer bunny: the one and only YB. Precious :).

    A lovely moment to share…

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