Taeyang excited for Cho Yong Pil’s “Bounce” (130416)

Taeyang commented on Cho Yong Pil’s new song on twitter: “Wow..Jo Yongpil sunbae..How is the preview audio so good.🎶My heart is bounce bounce beating~I’m scared of getting caught~🎶” (translation from @kristinekwak)

Taeyang has openly been a Cho Yong Pil fan for some time now so it’s no wonder he’s excited about the release of the legendary singer’s 19th album after 10 years.  The full audio for the song “Bounce” was released today to give excited fans a taste of the new style of the upcoming album “Hello“.

One of Korea’s most beloved and influential singers, Cho Yong Pil has had a string of landmark hits in the 70’s and 80’s and went on to hold some of the most successful concert tours in Korean history. (One concert had a million people!) He continues to be a very active live performer.  He’s famous for having composed for a wide variety of genres and of fusing different musical styles from classical, pop to rock.

Past concert footage from his official youtube channel:

We’re keeping track of Taeyang’s other twitter music recommendations here.


4 thoughts on “Taeyang excited for Cho Yong Pil’s “Bounce” (130416)”

  1. Awww. YB also reetweeted a press article about “Bounce” and which mentioned that CYP would be touring in the latter part of the year. I hope YB gets a chance to attend a concert (especially since they will hold one in his home town Uijeongbu.)

    He also RT’d Tablo: Cho Yong Pil sunbae’s song is the best! Y’ALL GON LEARN TODAY!!

  2. Chirpy! with elements of rock. It has a happy feel to it. The type of music you’ll play on a long drive for the fun of it to get spirits up :).

    What I love is YB’s tweet about, can he get any cuter? you can just imagine his heart racing as he listens to the beats and him getting all hyper and happy, then the “i’m scared I’ll get caught” just made me LOL! His passion and love for music is unmatchable.

    Thanks for the back ground info about this legendary Korean singer. I didn’t know about him at all!

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