[Twitter] Taeyang tweets on his upcoming activities… 130415

If you’ve been following @Realtaeyang on twitter, you’ll know that Taeyang and some of his collaborators, mainly Tablo and Chon Seung Woo, have been tweeting on various occasions over the past few months about spending time in the studio. (And from all indications, Taeyang seems really happy with the new music.)

All that studio time seems to be bearing fruit as Taeyang is now also hinting at getting closer to his album release date as seen in his latest tweets:

130415 YB3 130415 YB4

Seems like a comeback is coming soon! Time to start getting into training for super fangirl mode… it’s been a while and I need to practice. (Hint, hint.)

And on a completely separate note… “St. Youngbae” was certainly handsome in his airport outfit.  Such a fly guy deserves to put out an album soon.

Photos from @youngbeezzy on instagram or as tagged.


10 thoughts on “[Twitter] Taeyang tweets on his upcoming activities… 130415”

  1. Ahhhhhhh…..I can’t wait!!!!

    It’s been wayyyyyyy too long. Nights of staying updating for teasers and releases. Staying up to watch music show performances. I’m ready for it all!

    And he seems to be working with a lot of different people and has been meeting up with other artists and producers so I’m especially excited to see how it’ll affect his album.

    I’m still waiting for a YB&Zion.T collabo. Haha

  2. Haha! He called him out. Now everyone can pester GD instead of him about it. Ah, It really feels so close now…*butterflies!*

    I agree with the above, it’s more practice leading up to his new album (and hopefully solo concert again), so it’s great. He did a brilliant job fukuoka, so I also had a feeling this would happen. Plus a lot of people wanted YB to join other shows too.

    I’m just so happy his new album is almost done!

      1. The way he said “jiyongah?” at the end, as though prodding a reply, illustrated who’s older than who in that instance lol. GD’s agreeable reply just had me in stitches. They’re adorable with each other.

  3. Ahhhh!!! Those tweets!!! Now I’m all giddy and excited! It looks like an album might be coming soon!

    Not to mention his Instagram update today, such a cute picture.

    DAY MADE ❤

  4. Taeyang’s english has gotten so good! ^_^ Proud USVIP, he puts so much effort into learning different languages so that he can communicate with his fans!

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