ATY’s 2013 Birthday Project!


UPDATE 2: Thanks to everyone who sent letters! We actually have more than we planned for (more than 50 messages!) – which is a really good thing! We’re working on the layout now and will update you all when its been sent off.

UPDATE: We’re working on the layout this weekend so we can still take letters till Sunday, April 28!  Thanks to a generous donation, we can include more messages than initially planned. We’ve got some really great letters already and we’re trying our best to send Taeyang as many messages as possible so do send in your emails!

It’s Burstday time again! Since Taeyang is planning to release a new album “soon” we wanted to do another message book project to send him both our birthday wishes and give him encouragement and positive energy for his new music.

Our theme is “Journey to Real”.  We are looking for messages of fans who have loved, love and will love him for those unique qualities that made him special then till now, and our hopes for him in the future.

Whether he’s YB Taekwon, Taeyang, Sol, Youngbeezy or Teydaddy, and as he works hard to get closer to his dream of finding what is “Real” in himself and his music, we want him to know that fans are also sharing his journey with him and are wishing him the best.

We would like letters that answer the following questions.

  1. How I became a fan
  2. What makes Taeyang special and unique to me?
  3. My birthday wish for Taeyang and in the future.
  • Please keep letters to 250 words at most.
  • Please email messages to by April 26  April 28. We’ll take care of printing and shipping for the message book.
  • You may sign with your real name or username and please include the country where you are from BUT do not include personal information such as your email or address. For security reasons, we will exclude all other personal information except name and country.
  • Letters should be in english.
  • You may send fanart related to the theme if you like. Please keep quality HQ (around 1500×1200 pixels preferred for scans/photos.) This is completely optional.
  • We may edit your letter for length and clarity (also to make it easier for Taeyang to read since he is not completely fluent.) We may also edit letters for language that may make him uncomfortable.  Should we edit your letter, we will write you back to get your permission on the final copy, though we exercise editorial prerogative on what is finally used.
  • We realize that these are personal letters to Taeyang and will not post your letter on the blog without your permission. The reason we wanted to collect it in a book is for presentation purposes (and since it is easier for him to keep), and letters focused on a particular theme has a greater impact and likelihood of being remembered.
  • We are planning on printing only 30 pages of messages (though we can extend as much as the printing budget allows.) First come, first serve – so please send your messages as soon as you can!

For those who want a sample of our last message project, this is what we did in 2011 (Sample pages from the last project 1,2,3,4)   As always, we are counting on you guys for your support so I hope we can make this a success together!

27 thoughts on “ATY’s 2013 Birthday Project!”

  1. Ahhhhh……I can’t wait!!!!! So excited for all of the fan projects! Hopefully everyone is successful and YB gets an awesome birthday this year.

    Sucks that there’s no concert planned this year. I think it’s the first in a long time that he didn’t celebrate it on stage.

    1. Please join! (I really liked your last letter 🙂 ) We got so many good letters the last time I really wanted to share them with others but they were obviously so personal and heartfelt it was best kept private. I am 100% sure YB loved them though.

    2. Please do! I think it’s been awhile since anyone’s written to him.
      We’re all nervous! But I think he’d really appreciate it.

      Just noticed the picture up there. Neck down is YB all the way. But for some reason, the face doesn’t look like YB at all. I’m going crazy. Haha

  2. Oh yes!!! Letters again! Definitely joining 😀 I loved it the last time round (2011?). 250 words omg, how should I put it!? There’s too many things I love about this man.. Too many…

  3. Can I send the letter earlier and then afterwards a fan art to you? 🙂 I’m worried that if I sent the letter too late (but ofc before the dead-line), it won’t get to the birthday gift because of the limited page amount… T__T

  4. I hope i have time to do my letter and really participate 😀
    I was wondering since YB asked that he didn’t want to receive anything for his birthday but instead give to people that need it [twitter] is there a way we can fulfill his birthday wish?

  5. It’s my first time participating in YB’s bday project kyaahh!! ~~ looking forward to it … Yieee so exciting!! ^o^ .. Im’ma send my letter as soon as i can hihihihi ^^

  6. I love YB since 2007 I guess. So this will be the first time I write him a letter and there is so much I wanted to write him.
    My english is bad. So I hope I don’t make that much mistakes.
    He is the one who changed me the most, that’s why I think I should wrote him something. Last few years I was so busy ;( Damn so excited!

  7. I am super excited to write my letter, but nervous for him to read it. Thank you for this opportunity.

  8. Thank goodness someone on twitter reminded me. I just turned mine in. I have butterflies after learning that he reads every one. If my message makes it in, I hope my words are encouraging. I tried to be 🙂

  9. Thanks to everyone who has sent a letter already – we’ve gotten some really great letters (and we’re also responding to everyone by email to confirm receiving the letters so please check your emails.) We’re taking letters till the end of Sunday, Apr 28 so if you know anyone who might like to send one, please let them know!

  10. wow!! ATY you are doing a great job!! I’m sure that this birthday project’s gonna be wonderful!

  11. This project is very meaningful! but I wonder will Taeyang receive our message book? Do you all ship it to his address or to YG? All our prayers for him are in there… so I hope it goes to the right owner!

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