Daesung Discovery: SOL (Josei Jishin) – Updated

Fellow Big Bang member Daesung has been busy promoting his debut album “D’scover” in Japan.  As part of his promotions, he has been introducing the Big Bang members in a series of articles in Josei Jishin. He shares this about Taeyang:

This week I will be talking about BIGBANG’s Charismatic Vocalist, SOL san(24). He is always the same from the past and is hard working [and earnest]. When he gets into something, he only works on that one thing. As you guys may know, he’s into skateboards nowadays. I hate getting injured, but SOL-san doesn’t really mind getting hurt. [(When he is focused on it,) he doesn’t pay attention to other things.”] For example, when he discovers new thing [something that interests him*]  he would work on it for months and months. Other members are interested for like the first week, but when he does one thing for a month, I want to tell him “Enough! That’s enough now!” And in his case, since he does one thing consistently, I surprisingly find it interesting. I think to myself, “You’re still doing that!” keke That’s his charm.

I talk about Music often with SOL-san. I offer and show him the music I like, and receive teachings from him. I still listen to Chris Brown that he recommended to me in our trainee years. And as vocalists, we ask and consult each other, “What do you think about this part of the music?” [“What do you think about My (or his) singing of this part of the song?” ] I think Bigbang’s charm is that each and every five members have different voices. Since we have our unique characters, we don’t care about others’ voices. And I think having unique individualities can improve our various talents in many different ways.

And SOL san! Please stop imitating voices that’s only known between us! When people who doesn’t know hears it, they won’t get it!


 *Actually Daesung describes it as “Neta” in Japanese and the word is often used when comedians create comic dialogue, so I think Daesung is talking about Taeyang’s funny joke or something funny he does (maybe something he keeps saying or doing and practicing over and over for MC talk at the concert?) Other members think it’s funny for the first week or so, but after a month, they get tired of the same joke YB keeps saying or doing and they want to say “Enough is Enough!”

AND! What’s funnier about him is that he never gives up and keep saying(doing) it even if they complain, then surprisingly, they find his same old joke funny again! Like “Whaaat, you say(do) again!? LOL” 

Scan via urthesun.  Translated by Dana (@BIGBANGisVIP) with translation notes (in blue) by Rika (@solysombra0518)  Thanks to everyone who helped!

9 thoughts on “Daesung Discovery: SOL (Josei Jishin) – Updated”

  1. That’s pretty much the YB we know and love – focused, persistent, (slightly obsessive), music-mad and cheeky. Unique and doing his own thing. ❤

    1. Actually I thought the translation notes were so funny. It reminded me about how persistent YB is (remember how he used to ask questions over and over again when he was younger?) Apparently it applies to jokes, fashion (wearing his favorite items until he gets sick of it), nagging at his friends, hobbies, mannerisms and dance steps… the list goes on. And the more people give him grief about it, the more he ends up sticking to it! (So a little hint to all those nagging about his hair…)

      1. YB never changes. He sticks with what he loves forever.

        He’s like a little kid. Doing the same things over and over if he thinks it’s funny. Haha

        1. That’s exactly how I picture it in my head – doing the same thing over and over and laughing about it by himself. And probably giggling even more when everyone else starts telling him to stop….

  2. puahaha. sounds like yb x) perfection perfection. so much to learn from the both of them.
    D: falling down but standing back up and running.
    YB: work hard with a specific goal.

    ie, don’t give up 😀
    sundae~ 😀

  3. So much YBDAE bro love that I’m smiling like an idiot!

    That is YB to me. Determined, focused, passionate (about what he loves to the point where others are wow-ed), and the cheeky guy that scared T.O.P. despite waiting hours in the bathroom till he come back, just to see his reaction 🙂

    He hasn’t changed one bit, shouldn’t have had my doubts when I was first seeing him going through his uber confidence phase.

    1. It’s odd how he can be so patient about things like that when he’s impatient in other ways (like how he hates waiting around and is always the first to run off the set in photoshoots and meetings etc).

  4. Tbh i nearly squealed at the last paragraph, the forever roomies and faithful soulmates (YB said that before in realsound). Even though they aren’t as touchy-lovey or too involved with skinships, I really appreciate the tight bond between these two quiet members. BaeDae/SunDae, fighting!!!!

  5. I love their bond. YB forever the dedicated and persistent person is what I get from this, but I’m also glad he spoke about his playful side too :). The more I learn about him, the more I love about him lol 😀

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