[Twitter] Taeyang hard at work in the studio (130225)

Taeyang’s next solo album may have been on a very slow simmer since 2011 but the heat may have been turned up a little bit more. Tablo (who had Taeyang feature on his song “Tomorrow“) recently tweeted about some ongoing work in the studio:

More news below the cut:

Producer Chon Seung Woo later tweeted that “It’s been a long time since I directed one for YoungBae. I’m doing this with Tablo.” Chon Seung Woo was the composer behindBaby I’m Sorry for Taeyang’s solo album HOT and Big Bang’s A Fool’s Only Tears  He had also previously tweeted about finally meeting up with Taeyang and fellow YG-trainee (now B2st member) Hyunseung in his home after a long time, leading to some speculation that they might be working together soon.

From @blobyblo and @Leo_Chon on twitter.

Update: Chon Seung Woo also tweeted: “Done recording YB and Tablo are both satisfied with the work. I’m satisfied too.”

I am so psyched for this! I really like (okay, love) the work Taeyang has done with both Tablo and Chon Seung Woo so I’m now way more excited for this album than I was previously.  (Didn’t think it was possible, but there you go…)  An actual release date may still be somewhere in the hazy future, but I can tell this is definitely going to be a labor of love…

Thanks to HJ and @ShrimpLJY for the translation!

11 thoughts on “[Twitter] Taeyang hard at work in the studio (130225)”

  1. Now we’re really cooking! Much as I have been excited to see what Taeyang has been up to with the new producers he has been working with (both Korean and American), I really do love the previous collaborations both Tablo and Chon Seung Woo have had with him. They seem to have a really good appreciation of how to use his voice and a real studio chemistry with YB. (And AFOT happens to be my very favorite BB song.) So exciting…

  2. Yayy!!! I love how excited we get with all this work, and it gives me hope that the song are going to be AMAZING! I was begining to get a bit scared of the kind of music that the “new” Taeyang was going to present us, but now I know I shouldn’t worry…

    My only concern is that he doesn’t throw away the songs he has with the foreign producers, I am really excited about that track with the Underdogs…

    So let’s just keep on waiting!

  3. Alskfhckakfjdsk……..why, oh why must they play with my heart like this??!?!?!?!!?!?!

    My TaeBlo feels are going crazy right now. It’s funny how I remember Tablo praising YB when he came out with HOT, and look at where they are now. I wanted them to work together then. And then they came out with Tomorrow and that further solidified my wishes to see Tablo producing for YB. And then we kept on getting these studio “teasers” from YB.

    And now CSW is in this too? I love the songs he creates since they were so R&B, definitely suits YB perfectly.

    I told myself I wouldn’t get excited ovef any teasers or news about YB’s ablum since it’ll get released when he’s ready and no amount of wishing will make it otherwise. But gosh darnit, this news just makes me all giddy inside. I swear, my heart can’t take this anymore.

  4. So excited! It really feels more promising because a YG representative has also mentioned taeyang’s album along with GDs and 2ne1s, and lee hi’s, which will all be coming out this year.Things most be moving along smoothly.

    I have this strange feeling about why YB scrapped his initial thrid album. I think he went through a period, which made him question focusing on RnB music entirely. I think he wanted to do a different genre, so scrapped the album, but has now decided against that idea. So we might get some of the original works that was meant to be on the album, which is probably why things are speeding up again.

    If that is the case, I’ll be really happy, because I don’t won’t him to do something too different from RnB and try and experiment with techno music or something (oh please no! lol) like others have. RnB suits YB, i think he’s realised this, and that there are so many ways to experiment with that genre. No need to do something crazy lol.

    Now with some of the producers working on it (and my hunch about RL), I think i can rest assure about the genre lol :D.

  5. This has been on the simmer for so long now. With GD’s world tour i was beginning to wonder if it would ever be Solar time again.

    I’m both anxious and excited. I think its good that hes growing and changing as an artist. But we know, he knows and everyone else knows, that when it comes to original RnB no one kills it in kpop like Taeyang. As long as he comes out with another song like Wedding Dress or OLAM, i’ll be happy.

    Does anybody remember that 30sec preview of the song Taeyang was producing for Big Bang on Big Bang TV? That was the best 30second preview of any song i heard of in my life. So sad it didn’t make it on the album. Would be a shame for quality music like that not to be shared with this world.

    1. Yep. Beautiful, I wanted more! Can’t understand why they haven’t released this yet.

      Tbh, i think they have LOADS of songs just waiting on the ‘shelf’. I know that some previous songs have taken as long as three years from when they were initially composed to when we actually got to hear it. They tweak the hell out of their songs lol. Such perfectionists, which is why it’s always quality.

      I really hope we get to here the full length to this, which YB wrote for the team. It sounds too good not hear 🙂

  6. Nnnngaahhh! So excited! I love Taeyang’s collab with Tablo in “Tomorrow” and AFOT is my absolute jam on days that are cold and gloomy, love that song to bits….

    Although CSW is only giving directions I guess there’s a good chance that YB’s album is another lovely one, no matter when that will drop… I’m actually quite excited now! What with all his work with foreign and local producers….

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