GDYB for Vogue Korea (March 2013) – Preview Photos, links to scans and BTS video

Taeyang and GDragon were part of Vogue Korea’s special 200th Issue for March 2013 in a pop-art inspired photoshoot that was a first for the duo.

Updates below the cut:

(Above preview photo via EJaehwa on twitter, all the rest via @YB_518 on twitter.)

Love the concept and the off the wall styling especially since the two bff-s seem to be going through an extended childhood phase recently. It fits their fun and crazy style perfectly.  Taeyang looks gorgeous (and boy am I happy to have at least one photo with my favorite curly top.) I’m also surprised at how pretty he looks in some of the photos, which is not a word I usually associate with him. Yes, Photographer  Hong Jang Hyun, Taeyang’s hair is indeed awesome.

I’m glad that the photos aren’t a rehash of styles we’ve seen from him before and that he’s really making an effort to break out of the box that his past image has put him into. No brooding, shirtless photos this time around – it’s colorful and playful all the way through.

See the rest of the photoeditorial here. (Also YBMania scans – 1, 2  and scans from urthesun.) The magazine is available through dvdheaven.


Behind the scenes video of the photoshoot. Also check out the online feature at Vogue Korea (with some HQ shots).

reuploaded by gilbakk0221. See the original video here.

8 thoughts on “GDYB for Vogue Korea (March 2013) – Preview Photos, links to scans and BTS video”

  1. Taeyang’s autograph for Vogue Korea (via ShrimpLJY on twitter)

    Long time stylist and friend Ji Eun did a great job on the styling. Both guys showed up each with trunks of their own things to wear so there are a lot of familiar pieces used on the shoot. (I spy Taeyang’s favorite leather pants which is hopefully up for a well deserved retirement in time for spring.)

    Oh and I love this colorized version via urthesun’s twitter :

    The vampirish touch is a bit jarring with the original housecoat/salad thing but the contrast is pretty.

  2. So ummm yeah…….this entire shoot made me feel all funny and tingly inside. Especially that first photo! /dead

    Also, that last group photo with YB’s hair in a ponytail/bun is just teasing me! I need to see this up close and personal!

    I swear, YB is just so GORGEOUS. I mean, I usually think he’s a handsome man, but this shoot just confirmed how gorgeous he is to me. Like I said, that first photo is just killing me!

    I never thought I’d see the day when he would wear a dress and GD would play the male….but eh, weirder things have happened.

    GDYB’s closeness really worked well for this shoot. They looked like they were so comfortable and had tons of fun. They both did an excellent job with the shoot. The fact that they were wearing a lot of their own stuff made it so much more natural instead of a forced concept. It was just funky and playful, which GDYB seem to be all about lately.

    YB has been killing his magazine photoshoots lately. This newfound freedom of his seems to have brought itself along to his shoots as well. No longer does he seem stiff or unnatural in his shoots. This was very much appreciated.

  3. Hot, crazy, wacky, fun. What more could you want from a photoshoot?! Men in suits or white tank tops? No thanks! See that everyday lol.

    I love it! and YB nailed it in that first pic especially. So hot 😀

  4. That first photo…. *faints*

    I’ve been a bit busy since I got back to Australia, but these photos are just…. I’m lost for words!! Playful, fun, and so very comfortable and free. GDYB rocked this shoot 😀

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