Big Bang at the 2013 Gaon Awards (130213)

Big Bang (sans TOP and Daesung) put in an appearance at the 2013 Gaon Awards.  They actually walked the red carpet.  GASP!  In typical Big Bang fashion, they were not to be constricted to the normal suits and ties found at these events.   From the all black attire with his seemingly favorite black leather pants, Taeyang debuted his new “scorpion” hair on the red carpet.  With fun, fresh, and funky hair and fashion, as well as some crazy poses, it was nice to see him so comfortable.  Taeyang was obviously being Taeyang, just having fun and enjoying himself.

See videos and more photos underneath the cut:

Big Bang snagged themselves the February and March song awards,  for Blue and Fantastic Baby respectively, along with the First Quarter Award for the Alive album.  Like always, trust Taeyang to be the spokesperson for the group and give the acceptance speeches.

February song award for Blue

Taeyang’s Speech: “Thank you for this prize. Though TOP and Daesung aren’t here bc of their solo promotions, I’m sure they’ll be thankful too. We BIGBANG will keep working hard this year. We’ll give good music and good stages to you. Please give us much love. Thank you.” 

March song award for Fantastic Baby

Taeyang’s Speech: “Thank you for giving us this amazing prize, the Artist Prize. We’ll work harder to be a true singer. We’d like to share this prize w/ Mr. YG or helping us to be singers, Teddy, and many staffs. Oh and VIP! Thank you! I LOVE YOU!” 

First Quarter Album award for Alive

Taeyang’s Speech:“Yes, I think I’m speaking very often here. Thank you for giving us these lots of prizes. We keep coming up and down the stairs like this. But this kind of tiredness makes us feel very good. It’s okay to feel more tired like this so please give us more prizes. Oh and this year, we’re planning to promote our solos and also BIGBANG. Please give us much love. Whether you give us a prize or not this year, we’ll just keep working hard on our music and perform on stages. Thank you everyone.”

cr:  kpopstreamonline01

Translations by @Huisuyoon

Red carpet arrival video

cr:  SSTVnews

Fancams from the event

cr:  juckdo


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6 thoughts on “Big Bang at the 2013 Gaon Awards (130213)”

  1. Congrats on your first post ygtaeyangbb!

    With the exception of his pants (whose like I have been hating on every stop of the world tour,) I actually like TY’s styling this time around. Especially when they aren’t performing and the red carpet fashion IS the performance, I pretty much expect BB to do something interesting and press-worthy as far as fashion is concerned. It’s not like GDYB ever wanted to be pin-up boys and considering their selcas recently, I was expecting an extravagant hiphop style with some humor in it – which they certainly delivered on.

    I remember a quote from Michael Jackson stylist Michael Bush in a recent book: ‘When designing his stage outfits, Jackson followed a “look but can’t touch” mentality. “He would often say that if the guy sitting in the front row was wearing what he was wearing, then he’d stop being the entertainer.’” Considering how visual pop music is (and it has been ever since the Beatles and Elvis), I think that his clothing experiments at this point are a normal part of the job. It may be hit or miss depending on who you ask but at least its not boring…

    1. Thanks BM! I feel so proud to have finally done my first post. Guys, be gentle with me! I’m a total noob at this. Haha.

      Out of all of the kpop groups, I expect BB to push the envelope when it comes to style. I don’t want them to drown in a roomful of suits and ties at a red carpet event. Their quirky style and their obvious enjoyment made me a happy camper.

      Say what you want about their hair and outfits, but at least their style is them. It suits them characteristically.

      1. Great job! Please keep up the good work :D.

        I couldn’t agree with you more! I had so much fun just watching them lol!! in all their quirkiness as you’ve said. Their presence demanded attention, and they just carried this all important aura. Say what you will, but they ran the show, and I’m so proud of YB for stepping out into his own. This actually was the mark for me in fully embracing his transition. I had the biggest smile on my face just watching him be…happy! I can honestly say I love him so much more with his larger than life personality & style ❤

    2. As always, well said BM. I agree, not really a fan of those trousers either and yes his styling was pretty nice overall, I liked it. Frankly, more than me liking what he’s wearing it’s about whether it complements him, sometimes that isn’t the case in these times of crazy styling, lol.

      Thanks for sharing that MJ wisdom, little wonder there, keeping that in mind it’s not a surprise that he’s such an icon. Indeed, one must always be different in order to be irreplaceable, in this case fashion, and I’m glad about that because it seems YB is so ‘free’ than I’ve ever seen him in the past.

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