Taeyang Scans from the Alive Tour in Seoul DVD photo booklet

Click on the thumbnails to view and scroll through the gallery.

From Keita314314.com via bigbangupdates.com

No need to say how great he looks – these are awesome photos.  What did strike me is how much healthier he looks compared to Solar Concert 2010 (when overwork and stress took its toll. )  It’s really tough striking a balance between the (almost impossible to please) standards of fans and the general public when it comes to body weight and the comfortable fitness required to keep up energy for his daily activities (and allows the occasional pizza.)  I’m happy that he seems to have found a level that suits him better.

6 thoughts on “Taeyang Scans from the Alive Tour in Seoul DVD photo booklet”

  1. I wish he had just kept his hairstyle to this mohawk, at least his big unruly mohawk looks better than his current hairstyle. But, GREAT CONCERT and i hope he had a lot of fun performing it. Can’t wait for is new album when he finishes it

  2. He looks healthy, fit, and most importantly, happy.

    Gosh this man is so gorgeous. He especially shines when he’s doing what he loves, preparing for and performing in front of his fans.

    Flawless I’m telling you. Flawless!

  3. Handsome boy is handsome!! hehe 😉

    Anyway, what a great concert this was and I actually saw this guy within a metre!! *sigh….*

  4. Such lovely pics and trying not to drool as I bathe in this man’s charisma and handsomeness.

    Ok, that’s a bit exaggerating, but his passion shines through when he’s performing, I really hope to see him perform live one day.

    Gosh can I love this man even more than I have already? *sighs happily*

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