Soul Singer ALi is a fan of Taeyang

Soul singer ALi recently declared her admiration for Taeyang:

In a recent interview with JoyNews24, singer ALi pointed that she wants to try to work with Big Bang’s Taeyang and SHINee’s Taemin as a singer. She stated, “I gain another energy by working on a song with an idol.”

“I’m an unchanging/unshakable fan of Taeyang,” ALi said. She then continued, “Taeyang expresses the virtuosity of R&B, while I express Soul R&B. I wonder what kind of colors will come out when the two encounter.”

From Joynews and translation by Taeyang Indonesia.

Taeyang had also previously mentioned ALi in a 2010 Daum interview for Yozm:

Q: Do you have a mind to collaborate with a female singer in your album?

Taeyang: A female singer named ALi. I heard her singing on TV by chance-  she sings so well, really well.

ALi is a pansori-trained singer who debuted in 2009 and has developed a reputation as a powerful and dramatic singer, particularly with viewers of KBS “Immortal Song 2″. Some of her previous covers:

A Leopard of Mt. Kilimanjaro (Cho Yong Pil)

An Alley (Kim HyunSik)

Red Dragonfly (Cho Yong Pil)

I Need A Girl (Taeyang)

She is currently promoting her new album Eraser. From February 3’s SBS Inkigayo:

ALi trained in pansori as an elementary school student. Pansori trained singers develop a powerful voice usually by building up their vocal cords  – repeatedly stimulating vocal cords, hurting the mucous membranes and allowing them to heal.  It results in thick vocal cords with the ability to project with great volume and range for long periods but with a tradeoff of a certain delicacy and nimbleness to the vocals. (And pansori singers tend to have a rather hoarse speaking voice.)  While not necessarily true for ALi, it is an interesting contrast to Taeyang’s strengths as an r&b singer, which are the opposite of hers.  I don’t know if there would ever be a chance for them to sing together, and whether their styles would suit, but it would certainly be an interesting experiment given the right song.

Many thanks to Carol of YBMania for background research and the links! Thanks also to the uploaders.

7 thoughts on “Soul Singer ALi is a fan of Taeyang”

  1. oh cool, she’s still a fan. I remember yall made a article about her before. can’t find the celeb fan list though. be nice of them to work together get some vocal coaching n harmonizing done etc.

  2. Hmmmmm…..while I don’t know if I would be particulary excited to see this, just due to the style differences, it would be interesting to see what a collaboration between them would result in.

    While they’re both r&b, the sounds and styles are completely different. So seeing the end result would be pretty intriguing.

  3. Yay it’s been posted! 😀

    Ah…this needs to happen! Ali+ YB on a song would be amazing!

    I love that she’s an amazing singer, who admires taeyang’s talent, and that taeyang also appreciates her as a singer. That’s really cool. An example of true talent recognizing true talent 🙂

  4. Yay! I’m glad she’s a YB fan. I love ALi’s music, her voice is just so different and soulful, especially loved the song ‘Na Young’. Didn’t know she was trained in pansori – explains her comically singing SNSD songs in pansori lol.

    As for a collaboration…hmm it will be interesting – their voices are very different but I can see how it might work well together…interesting.

    1. Indeed. I used to not like INAG, but since I’ve been having both HOT and Solar on constant repeat lately, I realize just how well YB sings it. He hits the notes just perfectly so, catching all of the subtle nuances and giving out certain feels to the lyrics. This type of song, the way it’s styled and supposed to be sung, matches with YB very well.

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