Excerpt: Naver Star Column – The Staff (Big Bang’s Alive Tour Team)

Naver has been publishing a series of columns on Big Bang’s memories of the Alive Tour, and Part 5 includes some anecdotes from the rest of the Alive Tour team!

An excerpt:

Hair Designer Kim Taehyun

How do you feel having been the World Tour with BIGBANG: Being together on this BIGBANG World Tour, I’m always touched watching their passion and I feel their passion makes me younger. They’re young but I have a lot to learn from them so they always make me tense. [ed. note: “keeps me on my toes”]
Any memorable country or stage  I remember especially… when Taeyang had a bloody nose during the performance in England. I was watching the monitor and I was very shocked and worried. He stopped the bleeding quickly and went up, jumping around the awesome stage. I thought he was incredible. Also every time I watch the encore stage, I think they’re the most free spirits in the world and I love the passionate figure of members.
To BIGBANG who finished their World Tour : The World Tour is over but this is just a new beginning for BIGBANG. I’ll consider more beautiful hair styles and work much harder. I love you~

Taeyang and Security Escort Team SUHODAE

How do you feel having been the World Tour with BIGBANG? Being with the World Tour, I remember Tour in China and Peru. In China, there were tens of cars chasing the members as they move and dangerous accidents occurred at the airport because of many fans. I thought the passion of fans was huge. In Peru, the road in front of the hotel was blocked because of the South American fans. Also they were shouting BIGBANG singing BIGBANG’s songs all night long as if they were enjoying a festival on the street. I felt the great extent of the fans’ passion.
Any memorable country or stage? Visiting each country with BIGBANG, we the security team felt great that their popularity was more than we expected. We were proud thinking the name “World Star” BIGBANG is not awkward at all. When we were running with BIGBANG when they were down from the stage singing near the fans, at first there were some hardships guarding them but we were having fun as well.
To BIGBANG who finished their World Tour :I think members are half feeling free, half feeling sad, finishing a long World Tour. I hope they take a good care of their health and have a World tour once more in more countries. It was an honor to be a part of it. Best in the world, BIGBANG hwaiting!

Taeyang and Manager Lee Byung Young

Translations by @HuisuYoon. Read the rest of the translated column here for stories from Hwangssabu, stylist GeeEun, Music Director  Gil Smith and the rest of the team.


3 thoughts on “Excerpt: Naver Star Column – The Staff (Big Bang’s Alive Tour Team)”

  1. It’s really nice that the staff got to write a column, kind of shows how much they’re valued and how close they all are.

    The hairstylist is so sweet to have highlighted her concern for YB during the london concerts when his nose bled. YB’s such a trooper to just keep it moving, when many other artists would run backstage to sort it out. Not YB! lol. He doesn’t like to disappoint. Got to admire him for his resilience 🙂

  2. Do you think Taeyang is gonna keep the current hairstyle or do you think he’ll go back to his old Mohawk or just get a new hairstyle all together. Can’t wait to hear his new album when it comes out.

    1. Who knows?! lol. For me it’s like whatever. Yeah the mohawk was really nice ‘n all, but it’s good to try out new things. There’s no harm…it’s just hair…it’s versatile…i’m sure it’ll pass lol :).

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