Taeyang Cuts from the 2012 Alive Tour in Seoul DVD

The DVD for the 2012 kickoff concert in Seoul for the Alive Tour is now available in both online and offline stores. (Check the Korea version (Region 1&3, with english subtitles) here on YesAsia, also available with poster.)  The package also includes a photobook and an extra DVD with a “making of” segment and special multi-angle takes of each of the members for the Bad Boy 2nd encore.

There is also a 3 Disc Japan version (Region 2, no subtitles) with more tracks and special features (not available on the Korea version) which will be released on February 6. It also has a 200 page photobook.

ybpotato of Sol-mate was kind enough to share some Taeyang cuts from the DVD:

More underneath the cut:

Also check here for some Taeyang cuts from the “making of” video of the concert.


5 thoughts on “Taeyang Cuts from the 2012 Alive Tour in Seoul DVD”

  1. Having followed the evolution of his solo performance for LOAM/WD through fancams throughout the tour, I really like the changes he has made in the performance through first and last as he’s continued to tweak it. Contrast the above performance with the ones from London:

    and on the last set of concerts in Seoul:

    And fancams from those unforgettable re-encores of the last day of the 2012 Seoul concert are some of my favorites:

    No explanation needed why 😉

    1. Watching some clips from ‘the making of the still alive tour’ YB mentioned his throat was in bad condition (I think that was during the beginning of the tour), which you can hear in his first few performances (i.e. he’s not at his best). What makes me so proud of him is that he has improved immensely every stage. How he dances so aggressively yet sings so strong on his WD and OLAM performance, just amazes me.

      BTW, I heard that the problems with his vocals at the beginning was because he has been trying to expand his voice (this type of training can cause a lot of problem for singers). Fortunately he seems to have past that difficult stage, and I can hear his voice getting even better and stronger than before. He really is an amazing performer and I’m just falling in love with his voice all over again.

  2. I told my brother I want this for my birthday present. Score! Hahaha

    But on to more important things, watching the LOAM/WD/WUA performance has me in awe. YB is just so emotive in his singing and dancing and facial expressions, I literally put the clip on repeat the whole day.

    YB is a bad influence. Makes me not want to study, just like now. Hahah. Must control myself!

  3. The Japan version of the Alive Tour in Seoul 2012 DVD has the following differences from the Korea version:

    – Concert contains Knock out and Number 1
    – Disc 2 Special Features are all unique to this version: YG edit version of the making of the Alive Tour in Seoul, Making of Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy, Blue, Love Dust
    – Disc 3 has a different set of multiangles for all the members: Fantastic Baby, Stupid Liar and Bad Boy Encore
    – Region 2 only and no english subtitles
    – 200 page photobook (no idea how this differs from the Korea one which is also around 200 pages.)

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