Big Bang at the High1 Seoul Music Awards (130131)

A preppy set of Thom Browne clad Bad Boys took home a Bonsang at the High1 Seoul Music Awards. Congratulations! Too cute to be really bad, Big Bang turned in a relatively restrained performance of Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby.

See video and more photos below the cut:

cr: Sobeast Dony

Taeyang was adorable in his ready-for-Spring sweater. And the very best accessory? A bright smile. Can’t get enough of that…

cr: sety5181104

Photo credits as tagged.

16 thoughts on “Big Bang at the High1 Seoul Music Awards (130131)”

  1. Aasldjghlslfjsja……awwwwwww. How adorable can this man be! I just want to pinch his cheeks, he’s so cute. Hahaha

    And can I just say it was a little weird to watch them perform BB and FB in those outfits. But looks like YB had fun no matter what. Haha

    1. I think they couldn’t really move too much in their clothes. Funny thing was, the whole time they were performing I kept thinking that I have never seen YB wear so many clothes for Bad Boy, haha. But they were really cute though and made the best of the situation.

      YB making faces in the audience is the best things about these award-type shows for me lol. I wish someone would just screencap all his expressions.

    1. I just watched these!

      I hope YB didn’t hit anyone when he threw that chair.

      And he was Mr. Active! Dancing up to the emcees. And I always appreciate how he’s usually the only one to go down and get closer to the audience.

      1. Y’all know the media would have been all over that if he had hit somebody. Likely someone was already waiting for it further offstage to get rid of it. (Seriously, no staff from KBS could have run out before the performance to get it? That’s just weird. Big Bang may not be their favorite, but that’s just cold.)

        The mood is so different in the fancams – you could really see the energy in the performance that was missing in the official broadcast versions. We are so lucky for the dedicated YB fans who go the extra mile to get and share fancams – I just can’t thank them enough.

        1. Seriously, shouldn’t the chair have been put away before BB’s performance? So weird.

          I usually hate the official broadcast versions. Maybe bc I’m just interested in YB’s antics. Haha. But thank goodness for his dedicated fanclubs.

        2. Lol. Did YB just pat himself on the back for picking up the chair? Calling himself a “good boy” on Instagram/Twitter along with the picture of him removing the chair,

          Oh goodness. This man here. What will we do with him! Hahah

    2. I love these fancams. YB runs the stage, his so comfortable now. I love it! I think it’s the benefit of having performed so many times on stage for the world tour. It’s like second nature to him ;). Who can rock the stage like YB?

  2. When is gonna get rid of that hairstyle. I still can’t over the fact that he changed his Mohawk. IMO that hairstyle just doesn’t work

    1. Till he gets tired of it? To be honest, YB has always had his own ideas of how he likes his hair and his taste has never followed trends or the usual kpop ideas of what looks good. And while majority of his fans appreciate his looks as much as anyone, it’s not really a priority for them all things considered. Hair may be a really big deal in kpop but YB and his (mostly solo) fandom have always been out of the norm in that way. Personally, I think he’s a good looking guy either way, so…whatever works for him in the studio.

      1. I guess, but still, I mean theres the creative side then theres just…it doesn’t work. I mean sure I like it that he doesn’t follow Kpop trends but I mean he could of AT LEAST gotten something that doesn’t look….that weird. I don’t know, I mean its been like 4-5 long years that he’s had his mohawk then all of a sudden he gets this….hairstyle so for me I guess I’m not use to it. Like I’m used to the tattoos even though I don’t understand why he two freaking large ass tattoos that doesn’t look good on him IMO.

  3. Such a happy bunny, his smile is the cutest. But yes the happy bunny was mad for a minute when he threw that chair lol. Still he made it part of the performance so naturally hehe.

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