Solar on MBC FM4U’s “Blue Night”: Music Commentary 9 (130112)

From MBC FM4U’ s radio program Blue Night, hosted by Jung Yeop from Brown Eyed Soul along with the singer Nine9 from Dear Cloud.

 Blue Night is a daily evening music program that runs a special segment on Saturdays called Music commentary 9 .  The hosts introduce recommended albums and play all the tracks.   One feature they do is to arrange the key words about the memories, feeling and vibes that they get from the music and then make a sentence about it. The program has featured the following artists recently: Nine9, Yoo Jae Ha, Deulgukhwa, Lee Sora, Rollacoaster, Stevie Wonder, Lee Moon Sae, Jung Yeop, Yoon Sang and Strange People. 

[Note: The full songs were not included in this recording to shorten the upload. ]


Nine9 :   I am really excited for today’s album.

Jung Yeop :  Me too. As usual, I haven’t mentioned anything about what today’s album is.  I’m looking forward to what kind of beautiful sentence will be made this week again. Oh could you introduce today’s album first, Ms. Nine?

[Translation Note: As part of the show, they note some key words while listening to all the tracks, and make a sentence with them, which can describe the album.]

Nine9 : Oh yes, of course. Those albums that we’ve been listening to here were memory-stirring albums or great old records. Today I prepared a recently released one, so we can change the mood. He’s a vocal in BigBang.

Jung Yeop :  Yeah~

Nine9 : Taeyang’s solo album.

Jung Yeop :  Taeyang!!

Nine9 : Yes. Taeyang  has been a  member of BigBang since 2006, but he already debuted in 2001 with Jinusean’s 3rd album “A-Yo”. He’s one of the most active singers these days too, but he’s also the first member out of Bigbang who released his solo album (Mini-album) in 2008.

Jung Yeop : Oh yeah, right. That reminds me. He did a solo debut, first among them.

Nine9 : Yes. There was a lot of concern for an Idol singer to release a solo album in those days, but he successfully achieved quality and popularity all at once.

Jung Yeop :  Yeah, as they say, it’s a real jackpot!

Nine9 : Yes, but today’s album is his full-length album in 2010. I think introducing the full-length album would be better than introducing a mini album, so we prepared Taeyang’s 1st full-length album “Solar Deluxe Edition” today.

Jung Yeop : Well, the album jacket is cool,  like Taeyang. I think Taeyang’s album will be a good turning point, something different from those old ones on today’s “Music Commentary 9”. So, shall we start the music now?

Nine9 : Ok, let’s go~

Jung Yeop : Seems like we’ve been talking too much, spent too much time chatting. I just put the album into CD player now. Let’s rock~


[Intro+I Need a Girl]

Nine9 :  We’ve listened to the intro song ‘Solar’ from Taeyang’s full-length solo album, but much to our regret we can’t play the second track ‘Superstar’ on air in Korea and now you’re listening to his 3rd track “I Need A Girl”.

Jung Yeop : That’s why I kept.. hmm.. There’re so many well-made songs, actually all of them are in this album, but we can’t play them all on air, especially the 2nd track right? So I read its lyrics… but why can’t we play this? I don’t get it. So sorry about it.

Nine9 :  I agree. In fact, there are many songs unreasonably prohibited recently.

Jung Yeop : So sad… there might be some reasons of their own but I’m worried those prohibitions could limit and hinder musician’s creativity. Anyway ‘I Need a Girl’ is so awesome. So cooool~

Nine9 : I know right? Some parts of its lyrics reminded me of Byeon Jin Sup’s song, ‘My Ideal Match’. Actually it’s a frequent technique (approach) in Hip-Hop or R&B music. I felt it’s a very interesting idea.

Jung Yeop : A girl who looks good in blue jeans. I can make perfect kimchi fried rice, I only need a girl who can enjoy it.

[Translator’s Note: there’s a flow in Korean, but i couldn’t express it in English :(]

Such excellent sense. Some points are quite noticeable.

Nine9 : An artist like Taeyang is a teenager-friendly singer, but this song can also appeal to older people.  They can empathize with this because that reminds them like ‘It seems like I’ve heard it back in the day’. [Two sentences of the lyrics ‘I need a girl’ borrowed some idea from the song ‘My ideal match’ by Byeon Jin Sup, which was released in the 1980s and was a mega hit then in Korea.] That’s why I felt this song was very interesting, and I think it’s not a rough song just made in vain.

Jung Yeop : By the way, don’t you think Taeyang can get everything if he wants?

Nine9 : (laugh)

Jung Yeop : I don’t know any girl around me that dislikes him,  even those among my age. I mean every girl around me thinks he’s such an attractive guy and quite a few mentioned Taeyang as their ideal type. As a man, I envy him.

Nine9 : He’s so attractive. When he dances, when he sings, even when he just speaks, I feel that I’d like to get to know him more.

Jung Yeop : Ah, The same goes for you, girls too?

Nine9 : Yes, his style arouses girls’ curiosity.

Jung Yeop : For me, as a guy, he looks innocent and still a bit young when he speaks but when he sings and dances, all of a sudden his charisma is like… “Oh? What is that? Who are you”? He’s totally different.  He has so many aspects, it’s difficult to fathom. Anyway from men’s standpoint as well, he’s so…. Ah and first of all, he’s a very good singer.

Nine9 : That’s right.

Jung Yeop : As a Vocalist, he’s quite.. some kind of.. If I could assess him as a vocalist, I could say he holds a high position, quite respectable. His tone gives us such a sensibility, so refined/sophisticated and it’s elegant.

Nine9 : You are so right. Yes he is.

Jung Yeop : He’s so cool!


[Just a Feeling]

Nine9 : Now you’re listening to ‘Just a Feeling’, the fourth track.

Jung Yeop : Ah, I just told you how amazing Taeyang is when he sings and dances.. I really want to do this kind of song, like this… So attractive.. huh? But if I imagine myself… if I can steal just 10% of his ability, I would try but I can’t even imagine how to organize the stage. I can sing somehow, but stage.. it’s unimaginable.

Nine9 : Ah, the performance part…

Jung Yeop : Yes, my body is almost Taeyang at heart now. hahahahaha
I envy him. I actually think very highly of these performers, they show performance and sing at the same time on a stage. It’s not a thing for everyone.

Nine9 : Yes, you are so right.

Jung Yeop : I’m a singer, so I can manage to sing his song. But harmonizing one’s body with singing, making it feel united as one is really a big thing I think. What do you think?

Nine9 : Yes I think so too. And I was quite interested in his styling and outfits too. Back then in the early 2000s, kpop singers who’d been working on African-American music used to have African American hair-styles on stage like dreadlocks, afro hair and did styling that way and wore hip-hop pants. But Taeyang looked different. You know Mohawk haircut, right? And his outfit, it’s just rock chic? Wore rocker-looking outfits.. Like studded leather jackets.

Jung Yeop : That’s why I wrote studded leather jacket down for my keyword. I got very strong impression from it.

Nine9 : Right! It’s ok and it’s so cool. I rate that kind of cross-over highly as well.


[You’re My]

Nine9 : This song is track no.5, ‘You’re My’, it didn’t use lots of instruments. Only his voice with Rhodes piano.

Jung Yeop : Is it Rhodes piano?

Nine9 : Yes.

Jung Yeop : Piano and voice only.  It often sounds monotonous in general.. but it is very becoming to his voice here.

Nine9 : Yes, there’re some people who think good vocalists have a powerful voice.

Jung Yeop : Some people do.

Nine9 : Actually Taeyang’s voice isn’t that powerful, but his vocal delicacy on details and his ability to use various techniques is so amazing, he really is a natural, gifted vocalist.



Jung Yeop : And… let’s listen to this song first. Track no.6 is coming.

Nine9 : This song is ‘Move’, track no.6. Actually it’s a 19plus-rated song. It’s very lucky we can enjoy it in Blue Night.

Jung Yeop : Yes, so lucky we are. hahaha  While listening to this, I’m imagining myself at the club. hahaha Ah, I’m falling into this song.

Nine9 : Are you an aggressive dancer? clubber?

Jung Yeop : Actually I’m not. I don’t go to clubs a lot. I go there with my friends from time to time. But I wanna go there more these days. There’s a feeling that when I get older, I couldn’t enjoy it anymore.. So I take a look around first, and after one or two shots, it seems like I really try to get into the mood. getting crazy~

Nine9 : Uuuh, I’m so curious.

Jung Yeop : Sometimes I go too crazy, my friends hold my arms to get me out or.. hahaha Actually I don’t have many experiences.

Nine9 : This song also seems very interesting as a performance song. Listening to this album, I recalled Se7en’s debut album which has ‘Come to Me’ in it. I listened to it a lot. It’s highly praised as a well-made album even with a low-budget, and Teddy from 1TYM did a lot in that album too.

Jung Yeop : This song is also composed by Teddy.

Nine9 : Yes, right. He even featured in this song.

Jung Yeop : Actually we‘ve already listened to a few songs composed, written, arranged by Teddy. He’s really amazing.

Nine9 : Yes, he is.


[Break Down]

Nine9 : Track no.7, the song you‘re now listening to is ‘Break Down’. It has such a nice rhythm.

Jung Yeop : I‘m also enjoying that lilting rhythm now.

Nine9 : There are some songs having especially strong bounce among those rhythmical songs. This is it.

Jung Yeop : Actually when a dance group member releases a solo album, the song and stage could feel a bit empty, but his solo album is fullfilled.

Nine9 : Yes, Yes.  And Taeyang’s picked as the best male solo artist by netizen at the 8th Korean Pop Music Award after he released his ‘Solar’ album in 2010. He’s an idol member but…

Jung Yeop : As a musician also..

Nine9 : Yes.. He’s also recognized as an artist by musicians and critics too.

Jung Yeop : It’s really difficult to get.

Nine9 : It’s really an enviable thing.

Jung Yeop : He has everything, Taeyang..


[Where U At]

Nine9 : Unfortunately we can’t play the 8th track here again, and this is the 9th track, ‘Where U At’.

Jung Yeop : It’s also composed, written, arranged by Teddy.

[Translator’s note: Hey, Taeyang participated in as a composer too!]

Nine9 : Well, I think he did a performance for this song on TV.. No.. Have I seen it on his music video? Anyway I watched the performance, super cool.

Jung Yeop : Can Taeyang’s uncool performance even be existing on earth? hahaha

Nine9 : No, not at all~ When he sings he expresses every detail so delicately, and he does the same when he dances.

Jung Yeop : So, it’s amazing no matter how because it’s really difficult to sing well like Taeyang with those dances.

Nine9 : Yes, yes~

Jung Yeop : He’s a natural dancer but it seems it demands a lot of practice too.

Nine9 : Right, right~ When I see him on TV or something, I feel like he’s always dancing with a lot of details at ordinary times. His motions are very…

Jung Yeop : And those strong images are deeply printed on my brain … it means his performance made such an impression… it makes me imagine him on stage, when I listen to his songs. For example, the song that you just told me you’ve seen his performance for it and I’ve never seen, even that performance image for it comes across my mind..

Nine9 : Hmm That’s really nice.

Jung Yeop : Have you seen this album’s jacket?

Nine9 : No, I haven’t.

Jung Yeop : I’m holding it in my hand, wow, so cool~

Nine9 : Oh, very thick.

Jung Yeop : It’s a totally different design from those albums we’ve introduced here before.

Nine9 : What kind of design is it?

Jung Yeop : I’ve mentioned rock chic? It feels like that.. Just take a look.

Nine9 : Oh, he’s really wearing a very thick and real studded leather jacket here. haha..

Jung Yeop : If I make my CD jacket like this, people will blame me a lot. What the hell are you doing Jungyup? It’s cool because he’s Taeyang, he’s in BigBang.



Jung Yeop : I feel small today listening to Taeyang’s album.

Nine9 : Oh~ You shouldn’t do that~

Jung Yeop : I shouldn’t do this. But because it’s so good music.

Nine9 : This song is a special track, ‘Prayer’.

Hmm.. Do you know that sometimes the musicians who are really falling for African American music, they follow their behavior? For example, when I was young, I listened to African American music a lot, I had my hair permed like a circle, so called Pingpa. Because I loved  African American culture so much too.

Jung Yeop : Like afro perm?

Nine9 : Yes~ afro perm. Round one.

Jung Yeop : Really? hahahaha

Nine9 : Yes, and I used to read African-American literature and listen to music like Marvin Gaye then.

Jung Yeop : Those things were in fashion among hip-hop music fans. I used to wear hip-hop style clothes. My mother hated it though.

Nine9 : When I see Taeyang, I recall those days. When you really fall into African American music, you get to love their culture too. I have the strong feeling that he’s an artist who loves the culture of African Americans..

Jung Yeop : Ah, I remember I was swaggering, dragging my pants.. That’s not all but I loved their music that much, so I felt like I could get that feel too. I was young.

Nine9 : Oh it really was, yes.

Jung Yeop : I heard Kim GunMo was eager to sing pop songs well so he used to eat only bread and milk, and smoked only US cigarettes. That’s not the whole of it, but it shows his aspirations, doesn’t it?

Nine9 : And I think that immersion makes their works near to perfect.

Jung Yeop : I  wonder how Taeyang thinks about it.


[Only Look at Me]

Jung Yeop : Yeah, finally this song is coming.

Nine9 : Ah yes~ I love this song so much. This is Taeyang’s solo debut song. Track no.12th, ‘Only look at Me’.

Jung Yeop : I sang this song once before.

Nine9 : Oh really?

Jung Yeop : I once had a joint concert tour named The Soul Concert, with Wheesung, Gummy and Park Hyo Shin. I sang this song with Wheesung and Park Hyo Shin.

Nine9 :  Oh really? You guys?

Jung Yeop : Yes, we divided the song into 4 parts and on the last part, we sang together. Wheesung is such a good dancer, and Park Hyo Shin dances well too, but I’m a horrible dancer. So each of us appeared on the stage differently. I took a lift to show up and insisted I won’t dance.

Nine9 :  I really wanna watch that for real. hahahaha

Jung Yeop : Don’t do that. They were really nice and I sang really hard because I like this song so much, but..

Nine9 :  I think this song goes well with you.

Jung Yeop : I’m not that greedy to have a wish to be like Taeyang, but I really want to sing a song like this ever on a stage, if I can move my body somewhat better than now even a bit.

Nine9 : You should try it. I think it’ll be very nice. I think this kind of style will go well with you.

Jung Yeop : Don’t expect too much of me. I’m so sad, I feel there’s something missing in me.

Singing and dancing must match up but you know I can’t.. Anyway ‘Only Look at Me’ is the last track for today. Let’s keep listening.



Jung Yeop : We’ve done until 12th track ‘Only Look at Me’.

Nine9 : Yes.

Jung Yeop : Well, so, have you done with your key words?

Nine9 : No.. today was the hardest day for making key words.

Jung Yeop : Haha, were you?

Nine9 : Yes. hahaha. What happened to me?

Jung Yeop : For me, too many thoughts flitted through my mind, I got vibes of something modern. Anyway I barely filled it. Well, I did write key words down about this music but…sort of… In his music, there’s some feeling fantastic as if I’m in the universe.

So did the sound effects too and I felt something swirling in my head, it wasn’t easy for me to write them down. Ok. Anyway, let’s check on them one by one.

Nine9 :  Ok, shall we? I wrote Mohawk haircut down first.

Jung Yeop : Me, just as I told you before, studded leather jacket.

Nine9 : Oh, then… to match it, white sleeveless top.

Jung Yeop : Oh sleeveless top!

Nine9 :  Yes. hahahahahahahaha

Jung Yeop :  It really goes well with him, isn’t it?

Nine9 :  He looks perfect in it.

Jung Yeop : He should show his muscular arms.

Nine9 :  He should

Jung Yeop : And sneeze.

Nine9 : Sneeze? That’s weird. what do you mean?

Jung Yeop : I sneeze when I see the sun.

Nine9 : Ahhh~ yes. uh, some people do.

Jung Yeop : Yes. Sometimes I.. I feel better after sneezing.

Nine9 : Yes?

Jung Yeop : So sometimes I intentionally see the sun straight.

Nine9 : Do you?

Jung Yeop : Then I sneeze.

Nine9 : Straight to the sun, straight to the sun.

Jung Yeop : And sometimes when I almost sneeze but it’s not coming out well, it’s very annoying you know, then I see the sun quickly. Then I sneeze directly.

Nine9 : Wow, amazing. Then.. Isn’t it an allergy? Sun allergy?

Jung Yeop : What? Ah.. That’s cool. Sun allergy.

Nine9 : Is it? hahahahah.

Jung Yeop : hahahaha It’s not supposed to be cool, but it is cool. hahahahah

Nine9 : Uh.. And Michael Jackon came to my mind, so MJ’s white shirt.

Jung Yeop : Ahh, MJ’s white shirt..

Nine9 : There are quite.. many 19plus-rated songs right? When I was young, I once listened to an 19plus-rated album secretly. It was Janet Jackson’s album, I remember that… yes.

Jung Yeop : I have a few more key words, let me list them, racing instinct at midnight, and Taeyang’s love.

Nine9 : Taeyang’s love, what do you mean?

Jung Yeop : Uh.. Somehow, Uh, I think if he falls in love, he will passionately do it, like his songs.

Nine9 : Ah…

Jung Yeop : But on the other hand, another key word I wrote down is… “Love is the hardest.”

Nine9 : Huh?

Jung Yeop : Taeyang sings well, dances well, handsome, has everything.

Nine9 : Yes.

Jung Yeop : But, I don’t think he’s in love now, I guess love is the hardest for him. Isn’t it for everyone?

Nine9 : Uhh~ It’s really nice, the last one. Love is hard? Love is the hardest?

Jung Yeop : Love is the hardest. And one more, ‘Dong Youngbae’.

Nine9 : ‘Dong Youngbae’.

Jung Yeop : His real name.

Nine9 : Yes, real name.

Jung Yeop : It just occured to me. It’s just Taeyang himself.

Nine9 : It’s good “Love is the hardest.” Love is hard.

Jung Yeop : Love is the hardest.

Nine9 : Yes.

Jung Yeop : I would pick “MJ’s white shirt” among yours.

Nine9 : ah… ahahahahahahaha Of all keywords~~

Jung Yeop : Can you give them to me? It seems very difficult to do (to make a sentence).

Nine9 : We always made 9 keywords, I gave them to him.

Jung Yeop : MJ’s white shirt, that gave me the strongest impression, I felt empathy with it.. And love is the hardest.. Geeeee~ Making one sentence is really hard today. Umm. Ms.Nine, help me. MJ’s white shirt..

Nine9 : Uhh.. Umm..

Jung Yeop : MJ’s.. Even in MJ’s white shirt, love is the hardest.

Nine9 : Wow, I thought that too. yeah~

Jung Yeop : Even in MJ’s white shirt, love is the hardest. Love is the hardest.. It’s.. It’s not.. not natural.. is it?

Nine9 : (laugh)

Jung Yeop : (laugh)

Nine9 : But it seems there’s no other option. Ok, let’s change a bit but similarly.. Even to MJ in white shirt, love is the hardest.

Jung Yeop : Umm. Then let’s throw MJ away, – white shirt reminds us of MJ right? and it also reminds us of Taeyang, so let’s put Taeyang or Dong Youngbae instead of MJ.

Nine9 : Uh, that’s nice. I want Dong Youngbae. Dong Youngbae.

Jung Yeop : Dong Youngbae.. This is more..

Nine9 : Realistic.

Jung Yeop : Right?

Nine9 : Yes, it feels more real. haha

Jung Yeop : yes, um.. Even to Dong Youngbae in white shirt, love is the hardest.

Nine9 : (laugh)

Jung Yeop : He’s doing splendid music, but in a sense, I wondered if love is what he wants to do the most after all.

Nine9 : Umm. Love is the hardest even to a perfect guy.

Jung Yeop : And right now, what Taeyang wants to do the most now is maybe..

Nine9 : hahahah

Jung Yeop : maybe love, Actually I’m like that..

Nine9 : Wooowww~

Jung Yeop : That’s what crossed my mind.

Nine9 : You’re so smooth talker in adding words today of all days.

Jung Yeop : ahahahahahahahahaha well then how can we complete this? Let’s do it together.

Nine9 : Even to Dong Youngbae in white shirt, love is the hardest.

Jung Yeop : Even to Dong Youngbae in white shirt, love is the hardest.

Nine9 : hahahahahahaha

Jung Yeop : Well, then Taeyang’s music is ‘Even to Dong Youngbae in white shirt, love is the hardest.’

Nine9 : Yup.

Jung Yeop : hahaha It was very hard. Too hard!

Nine9 : hahaha Yes, too hard. haahahahaha.

Translation by @레드썬 of YBMania. Please credit if reposting elsewhere.

6 thoughts on “Solar on MBC FM4U’s “Blue Night”: Music Commentary 9 (130112)”

  1. I thought this would be more boring than I found it tbh. I guess because I just read the translation and didn’t actually listen to the clip. 😛

    But wow….looking at the albums they’ve previously reviewed, the fact that they chose Solar is amazing.

    JY&9 were seriously spazzing over YB so hard. It was cute. Haha. They really seem to appreciate his singing skills as well as his dancing skills, especially when done at the same time.

    Some interesting points made by them that I thought were so true.

    -Jung Yeop : As a Vocalist, he’s quite.. some kind of.. If I could assess him as a vocalist, I could say he holds a high position, quite respectable. His tone gives us such a sensibility, so refined/sophisticated and it’s elegant.

    -Nine9 : Actually Taeyang’s voice isn’t that powerful, but his vocal delicacy on details and his ability to use various techniques is so amazing, he really is a natural, gifted vocalist.

    Suck it haters! 😀

    1. I thought the ending was so cute, and strangely apt: ‘Even to Dong Youngbae in white shirt, love is the hardest.’ What an interesting conclusion to reach at the end of reviewing the album 😉

  2. This is really cool. love reading this 🙂 it’s great that people are still listening to Solar and give reviews on it. Agree with Bluemaid on the ending ‘Even to Dong Youngbae in white shirt, love is the hardest.’ i think it’s well phrased. i love reading about his male fans too but it’s not too surprising and i did saw some at Malaysian Alive concert, his male fans are everywhere 🙂

    P/s: I know this song by Jung yeop,,, it’s called I Want To Kiss You and it’s really nice 😉 just thought i should share ^^

  3. Awww gushing at all the Taeyang-love in this conversation. Jung Yup sounds like a fanboy, no? Its lovely to hear that people are still listening/loving this album. Its quite a gem in Kpop-land. But I’m still floored that it made it into this radio program with so many other great albums. Thanks for sharing! This is wonderful.

  4. One of the best albums to ever come out of kpop in my view. Appreciated not only in korea, but internationally too. Didn’t it go to #1 on canadian r’n’b itune charts? please correct me if I’m wrong, but I know it did exceptionally welll without any promotions. I’m happy an amazing album, recieves such high praises even till now.

    Excited for YB’s next solo work!

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