Taeyang Fancams: Big Bang’s Alive Tour the Final (130225-27)

Big Bang capped off their successful Alive Tour with a 3 concert weekend at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium on January 25-27. The boys were obviously happy to be back on home ground and gave an energetic and emotional performance which was echoed right back with the love of a wildly enthusiastic audience.

The members joked around  comfortably and they even convinced Taeyang to show a rare display of aegyo (with the usual sort of ending for him, haha.) Taeyang also reassured us that his solo is indeed forthcoming sometime in the yet-unamed-future , so we definitely have that to look forward to.

We’ve been treated to loads of fancams throughout the tour and the final was no different. But since there were so many particularly special moments this weekend, we’re so happy that fans made an extra special effort to capture them.

Day 3:

LOAM & Wedding Dress (juckdo)


Preview Day 3 (YBMania0fficial)

“End of the Road”, Ballroom Dance (juckdo)

Encore: Fantastic Baby (juckdo)

“Please love me more” (juckdo)
Taeyang says :”Please love us more and … please love me more”

Encore: High High (juckdo)

Encore: Bad Boy (juckdo)

Encore: Hand’s Up and Ending (juckdo)

Day 3 Encore (YBMania0fficial)

“Gwieyeomi” (Mi So Lee)

Day 2

LOAM and Wedding Dress (YBMania 0fficial)

Day 1

LOAM and Wedding Dress (juckdo)

(YBMania 0fficial)

Day 1 Preview (YBMania 0fficial)

Encore : Fantastic baby (juckdo)

Encore: Bad Boy (juckdo)

Encore: High High (juckdo)

Encore: Feeling (juckdo)

Encore (2) : Bad Boy and Ending (urthesun1)

8 thoughts on “Taeyang Fancams: Big Bang’s Alive Tour the Final (130225-27)”

  1. It’s finally over! Thanks to juckdo and urthesun and YBM for their always magnificent fancams.

    As much as YB loves traveling and performing overseas, I think he was really glad to be back in Korea and performing for their fans. Korea is where everything started for them so returning home must have been such an emotional experience for them.

    They were sad and jubilant at the same time. Performances were amazing. Felt like they tried to perform even better this time around.

    And YB with his goofball antics ❤

  2. There’s no place like home in the end. YB’s lucky he gets to take a break and recharge instead of going straight into activities like the other members. Maybe he can travel around for real this time and get more inspiration for the new album (ahem.) He needs material to write new songs!

    1. Well I’m hoping it’s not that incomplete at this point. I really hope he’s coming towards the end of completing already…just adding the finishing touches. How long will we have to wait if he’s still got some songs to do :(. It’s been over a year. However I’m hopeful because both dae and jiyong have said they’ve heard some of his material and it’s awesome! 😀

      1. It still might take a while – in the Day 3 fancam of YBMania, (after shushing the audience who was asking him to do gwiyomi – “I will not do it, Don’t expect it, Quiet Please) he says “I hope to see you guys soon after meeting a good song.” So it looks like it’s all still a work in progress.

  3. Can’t believe it’s over! I feel pretty proud of them boys. YB seemed to be giving more effort since it’s the the last concert tour (not that i don’t believe he hadn’t try giving his best everytime :)) I love it when fans sand along to LOAM and WD hehe. Wish i was there to experience the last concert of the tour xD

    1. Lucky you! :D. The best part is the ‘Dong Youngbae!!’ chant as soon as they hear the intro to LOAM. So powerful…It must have been a lovely experience :).

  4. Amazing compilation, great work from all the fanclubs. Thanks so much! :). Him saying ”love me more” is so cute. I love you loadz YB!!

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