[Star Column-BIGBANG] Back Story from the World Tour – Taeyang

# Hello, it’s Big Bang’s Taeyang^^

It’s my first time to greet everyone through Star Column. In Big Bang’s Star Column, we will not introduce passionate and nice stage stories we’ve experienced while going around the world, but we’re going to share the backstage episodes that you would like to know about more. I thought over what to say at first. I will try telling the story like I’m writing on my diary. Everyone, please look forward to it ~

Through the 2012 world tour, we had many chances to visit all over the world. One of the memorable places to me is Peru! I think that this country is where I would never even have a chance to go without the world tour. I didn’t know much about Peru, so it drew my interest a lot even before I left.

It wasn’t easy to reach Peru. We managed to arrive after 10 hours of waiting due to deteriorating weather and 10 hours of flight time. The first impression of Peru was “oh my!” There were even more fans waiting for us at the airport than the other countries. But we were surprised once again after arriving at the hotel.

Arrived at the airport of Peru. Good to see you guys ~

We were taking a rest after arriving at the hotel, then we heard continuous shouts and singing from outside. I thought there was a grand amusement park near the hotel. But it turned out that our fans were singing and shouting while waiting for us. The fans’ play lasted until late at night, and Peru’s first impression was so intense that my members and staff said at the performance venue next day that it was a new experience.

This is how the fans look in front of the hotel in Peru. So many gathered, right? ^^

Wait a moment! You are curious about what we usually spend time doing in the hotel when we have overseas schedules, aren’t you? Mostly members take rest in our rooms [to prepare] for performing. We often watch entertainment programs we missed in Korea or movies. (I watch not only latest films but also classic films^^). And we sometimes take a nap or chat with light refreshments in one room. We usually talk about trivial topics like what program is amusing or what movie we watched, but I always think it is precious time that we chat together.

During rehearsal in  Peru. The little girl is really cute, right?

In Peru, I thought ‘Let’s go outside, rather than staying in the hotel!!’, so I asked the staff for help. It was my mission to go out se~cret~ly if possible, because I was concerned about our fans’ safety. I succeeded in going out which was rather like 007 tactics!! (I was sorry to our fans who were waiting in front of the hotel, but it was because of your safety, so just in case, I hope I don’t hurt your feelings~^^)

I’m very interested in the Inca Civilization, so I decided to go to an Inca traditional market. But to my regret, I couldn’t take pictures because I was busy sightseeing. ㅠㅠ

When I entered the Inca traditional market, I was very excited about the unseen local specialties, so I got absorbed in looking around and shopping. At the moment I saw the high quality handicrafts I had always wanted to have, I unrestrainedly enjoyed shopping with no thought of the consequences. (I was frustrated when I realized that I have to unwrap them all to have luggage inspected before getting on a plane..ㅜㅜ I unwrapped and rewrapped them again.)

Performing in Peru. I look like I’m singing intensely, right? ^^

I felt like different cultures have been mixed and settled down as a new culture in Peru. The handicrafts were really beautiful to stand comparison anywhere. If I get a chance, I will show you the works I purchased~^^

After the excitement of shopping, the staff and I had unique food called CEVICHE, which is mature sliced raw fish and famous in Peru. And then, I returned to the hotel with 007 tactics.

Feeling satisfied with shopping and the tasty food, I closed the first day in Peru with ‘a surprise greeting’ for our fans waiting until late at night, that overseas stars staying in the hotel usually do at the hotel balcony.

Performing in Peru with all of the members! I’ll remember the cheers on that night forever.

Thanks to the sightseeing at the traditional market and our fans’ cheering, I, Taeyang, recharged my energy and I could do a passionate performance in Peru.

via Naver.   Translated by Myokoon for alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com.  Please credit if taking elsewhere.

9 thoughts on “[Star Column-BIGBANG] Back Story from the World Tour – Taeyang”

  1. Awww. I thought this was so cute! He’s a good storyteller – with thoughtful details and a comfortable, friendly tone. It makes me wish he were the type to keep a blog, but alas… it is unlikely to be.

    He obviously had such a good time. I’ve always suspected that Taeyang has a soft spot for South America – he’s done little shout outs to Venezuela and Brazil in the past and now Peru… I’m pretty sure he would love to go there and explore if given the chance. And the fans certainly made an impression! You’ve definitely made BB feel loved 🙂

    And LOL about 007 tactics. I’m sure he’s had a lot of experience trying to get about secretly.

    1. Your so right. It would be epic if taeyang kept a blog. He’s very good at telling a story, I could picture everything he said :).

  2. YB and his typical ninja self. Glad to see he got to sight-see like I wanted him to. Let’s just call him YoungBond from now on. 🙂

    And seems like he actually spent money for once! Hahaha. I laughed at his frustration with the unwrapping of everything he bought for the airport. Haha

    I remember his surprise greeting. The fans went CRAZY! YB and his infamous and random fanservice.

  3. Hahahaha, 007 tactics XDD Even when storytelling he’s still being sweet (not going through the main lobby from the hotel that is).

    Glad he did some sight-seeing, and wow! The Peru fans really made BB feel special, hehe.

  4. im peruvian, and im soooo happy to hear this, its so amazing to know that one of your favorite artists love your country, i saw them in first row, and it was a perfect night with perfect music and perfect guys. Love them.

  5. 007 tactics lol, I’m glad he was able to experience the culture of the place rather than just perform and leave.

    This had me smiling like a fool, there’s something so endearing the way he tells his semi-adventure 😀

  6. So funny with his 007 comment, I can actually picture it lol! Kudos to peru VIPs for making such a strong impression on him. I just love the way he expresses himself…so funny and adorable. Love YB 🙂

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