[Twitter] Dong Brothers at “Scent of Love” (130109)

Hyun Bae and YB

“My first play~ I really wanted to show my brother cos I’ve always been to his concert~ Thanks to my beloved brother who came to see my last show and I’m proud of myself~ My play was the first play my brother has ever seen~ I was so happy~ I’ll work much harder from now on~ Thank you♥” pic

From @dollbae14 on twitter. Translation by @HuisuYoon.

Taeyang’s hyung, Dong Hyeon Bae, is part of the cast of “Scent of Love” and plays the part of “multi-man” (9 different characters such as radio DJ, doctor, producer to grandfather. ) The play has been running since November 3 and is Hyeon-Bae’s first theater project.

7 thoughts on “[Twitter] Dong Brothers at “Scent of Love” (130109)”

  1. I always thought that Taeyang graduated with a theater & music major so was surprised to hear it was the first play he’s ever seen. (Or was he a drama and film major? I get confused.) Anyway, it’s so cool to see the brothers together finally. Hyeon Bae had been looking forward to Taeyang attending his play so I’m glad he could make it. (518% was so sweet when they attended the play on the first day and sent congratulatory flowers saying that they were attending on behalf of Taeyang since he was on tour in the US with BigBang. HyeonBae tweeted about it since he was so touched.)

    Anyway, congratulations to HyeonBae on his theater debut and may it be the start of more great work to come.

    1. Wow they did that? 518% totally rock for that. YB fans are so cool, I’m sure hyeonbae must have been super touched by that sweet gesture.

    2. well i never knew he graduated. hardly heard any news about him attending classes in Uni too. hrm… >.>

      Anyway that was really cool of 518% 😀 and um Hyeon Bae’s looking good

  2. Awwwww…..we rarely get to see any YB&HB interaction so this was a breath of fresh air.
    It’s nice to see HB’s hard work paying off.

    518% went the first day and YB went the last day. Worked out perfectly. Hahaah

    I thought YB was a drama and film major. YB and drama and university seem to be linked together in my memory. Lol

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