Bigbang brings in the New Year on MBC Gayo Daejaejun (121231)

Big Bang performed Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby and stood out from the usual kpop pack by turning their style dial to even-more-outrageous-than-usual.  Then again, go big or go home right? Trust them to always be memorable at the very least.

(Big Bang’s performance starts at 5:55)

I thought the MBC show was several notches below than the smooth technical marvel that was the SBS Gayo Daejun, though the MBC Gayo also had its charms. Big Bang’s performance seemed a lot looser this time around though and the camera had trouble keeping up with them (and all of YG Family) even though they had much less stage to play with.  Performance aside, here’s hoping YG Family gets to party in 2013 in their usual style. They’ve all been working hard and they need a little break.

11 thoughts on “Bigbang brings in the New Year on MBC Gayo Daejaejun (121231)”

  1. Work hard, play hard. That seems to be BB’s motto on stage, especially YB’s.

    They had fun. The crowd was obviously entertained. It’s a good situation. I liked SBS’ stage background more, although I liked the fact that MBC had the whole wraparound thing.

    My shopper heart spotted SunSky moments. 😀
    And lol @ Tablo bringing out the “Fantastic Baby”.

    And HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!!!!

    1. I agree – It’s good that they play as hard as they work, especially YB! boy seems so carefree these days. I think the world tour may have contributed to the extra energy levels.

      SunSky are active quite a bit these days – Instagram and now this, I like it 😉

  2. Hate to sound like a YG biased snob but dayum YG famlily for the win babay!

    The performance speaks for itself – these boys do something crazy and different each time, like thats even possible and the energy was madd, love it! Love YB’s little onesy or whatever that he’s wearing, looks adorable.

  3. Happy New Year everybody! I’m taking a page from YB’s book and resolve to meet 2013 with a thankful heart and a healthy sense of humor. Life being what it is, the ability to find the silver lining and have fun and laughter in the face of stress and all sorts of challenges is a pretty good resolution for myself. Sending positive energy out to y’all in 2013!

    1. Happy New Year to you too Blumaid!

      2012 was a hard year for me but I realised life goes on and I can’t let things break my spirits (reminds me a bit of YB’s 2009 depression) so here’s to facing all obstacles with courage and an open heart! Sending positive energy right back at you – here’s to a glorious 2013 for everyone at ATY and our beloved boy Taeyang.

      1. Yeah!! Happy New Year guys!! Bluemaid, hats down 🙂 …:D smile everyday (well not EVERYday but u know…), think positive and enjoy good music with good people…yep,yep…maan i like how you guys think! …keep up with that! Peace out from south europe!

        1. Hello, fellow European! Happy new year from Northern Europe (England to be precise) to the South! 🙂

  4. Hello fellow YB lovers, I’d like to join in the fun :). I’d like to give my belated new years greetings, happy new year everyone!!. Happy I found this place, I plan to stick around if that’s ok :). See guys around! oh and bigbang nailed that performance! (no surprises there though lol). Peace…

  5. Oh and by the way, did you guys notice the CL and YB dancing moment (@12:05)?! it was like for 2 seconds, but they were so close >.< I've been looking for a fancam focus of that like everywhere.If anyone knows of one, please share a link. I'd appreciate it 😛

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