Taeyang’s special performance at Alive Tour UK (121214)

Poor Taeyang suffered a (probably fatigue related) “nose-blood” (his words) during Big Bang’s Alive Tour concert at Wembley Arena in London on the evening of December 14. (I hear he may have had another one during rehearsal too.) Not that something like that could get him down, he more than made up for it by giving a special performance of Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Judge Me.” Some fancams:





He did tweet that he was fine after the show: “Brilliant experience today! Don’t worry i feel great now and thanks for your love!! Im gonna give u everything tommo!! :b “

Many thanks to those who shared their fancams!

48 thoughts on “Taeyang’s special performance at Alive Tour UK (121214)”

  1. Extra points for use of British English in his tweet! 😛

    Seriously, it doesn’t take much for me to fangirl over YB but times like this make him seem extra endearing to me. I love it when he sings songs like these, and its especially poignant somehow to know that he had more difficulty singing it because of his condition but wanted to do his best for everyone. And he did such a great job too – gets me right in the heart, it does. ❤ He defintiely deserves hugs!

    1. Agreed. He is such a loveable,charming guy! After seeing him live, (I was standing pretty close to the stage), his energy, his enthusiasm and genuine love for fans – I felt it, there was this energy and ‘aura’ about him that was different to the others, and the way he interacted with fans. Can’t help but love him, he’s a great guy.

      His solo performance was great! Seeing it live one can see how much soul he puts in, and those RnB singing here and there, also the dancing – he does them all so well, talented indeed!

      Lol, the nose bleed was funny because of his own words! I thought he said “f***-iin nose bloody” it was really cute the way he said it. Speaking of British English Seunrgi kept saying “are you Awlrightt?” (alright with an accentuated English accent) and got elbowed by Tae when he tried it on him, lol.

      Taeyang was being really funny, his English had improved as well – trying to recollect things – GD promises that they’ll come back then Tae goes “you must buy GD’s album or we’ll never come back again” *fans despair* “are you going to buy it?” *cheer’s* “you got it?” *cheer’s* “then go buy it!” then he laughs. There were lots of moments like that. GDYB English sounded very British -influenced, don’t think it was deliberate, maybe they’ve been talking to British people a lot? Anyway, makes me proud as someone from England!

      This must be said – Taeyang is more HANDSOME in person, I don’t care what anyone says this guy is really good looking! At one point during the encore he hauled (shirtless) over the railing at where I was standing, almost touched, if I hadn’t been holding my phone! He shook everyone’s reaching hands and as he did he smiled this sincere, happy smile – so endearing! At one point he had a ‘Nuh-uh’ face, people probably tried to grope him! Haha.

      1. Oh, yay! I was hoping to hear from you since I had a feeling you had gone… will you be going to the 2nd day as well? Let us know how it went! Any interesting stories from the encores?

        Fans at the Wembley concert are so lucky since YB sang Don’t Judge Me – I can honestly say I’m envious hehe.

        1. That’s today! No I won’t be going, I don’t have a job these days, so kind of a poor student, standing ticket was very expensive can’t afford another 😦 (I might go crazy and go? And then be poor Haha)

          The encore was just EPIC, I mean their encores always are but being there makes it that much better! Taeyang was like “I think we’re never going back to the hotel! We wont leave” He was at the epitome of energy, shirtless, with confetti stuck to his sweaty bod. He went to all sides of the stage dancing and grinding, at one point he sat at the edge for a while singing and smiling and all – this is why his fan interaction is the best! When the end of the end had come everyone went in but Tae stayed behind and did a little dance to the ‘Teach me how to Dougie’ beat. (I have a fancam of that, might post on Twitter)

          When him, Dae and SR did the talk at the start (after he had taken care of his nose) he goes “……wow, you’re all so pretty” imagine the deafening reaction to that! And I think you have a right to be envious, Please Don’t Judge me was sung beautifully! (He sang sitting on the front edge of the stage) Even with his “nose bloody” and that massive tissue sticking from the nose, lol. He beat-boxed and rapped Crayon while introducing GD’s solo perf “My bestfriend” he said.

        2. Oh! YB was being rather flirty with the people standing in the middle, pointing, smiling and laughing. I could only observe with longing from a metre or so away a bit far back, lol. (wish I had made my ‘Taeyang marry me’ banner) Those lucky middle section got most of his jackets, ripped vests and towels thrown towards them as well! Even SR threw his jacket to the middle.

        3. Thanks for the fan account 🙂 I’ll bet he’s extra hyper and flirty on Day 2 just to make up for worrying everyone on Day 1, haha.

        4. No worries! We all love hearing about our favourite boy!

          I know right?! The moment I read that tweet of his I knew he would be twice the energiser bunny he was on day 1 – made me despair even more that I can’t be there! But I always worry thinking he’ll hurt himself, TOP and DS were splashing water around and I was so worried Tae would run around there unknowingly and slip.

          Btw I earlier said GD’s album but my friends confirmed he was talking about DS’s new Japanese album. (people screaming near my ear made it hard to pay attention to their English at times)

    1. My pleasure! Now that the Tour is almost at an end I just can’t wait for his Solo album! I think seeing him live increased my impatience…His voice is ❤

      I'll never forget Wembley day 1. I think the boys had a great time too, judging from tweets and instagram.

  2. YB’s solo from Day 2 was on fire – he was “on” that day (and the spirit of MJ seemed to give a little extra to the performance ;))

    I’ve been watching fancams from every day of the Alive Tour from the beginning in Seoul (crazy, I know…) and this one really stood out to me.

    1. Seems like he really did give his all for the last show.

      Lol, wouldn’t expect anything less! I on the other hand avoided all Tour fancams because I was being miserable and sulky convinced that they have made such a terrible decision and wouldn’t come to London. Now I’m having withdrawal issues and can’t stop watching them!

      I love seeing the outgoing, funny YB who isn’t being a worry-wart, this Tour really showed that and it reflects positively in his performances.

      1. Skyhigh gave a great account of the show!

        I was the opposite though, I was so convinced that they wouldn’t come that i depressed myself even more by watching the fancams! I’m so glad that I’ve seen them though. They are so much better live than through a computer screen lol. I’ve been on such a high since Friday and I’ve had ‘Don’t Judge Me’ replaying in my head! he put so much passion and emotion into it. Even though I wanted to laugh at the sight of him with a tissue stuffed up his nose, I was about to cry. His voice is so SO beautiful. I think it must be the one time I’ve been glad there was a technical glitch haha I didn’t want it to end

        Watching YB carry on dancing and singing through a ‘nose blood’ made me appreciate how dedicated he actually is. And it was so cute after he wiped his nose with the towel and said something like ‘forget about this and enjoy the show’ (or words to that effect) even though it was obvious he was annoyed about it! and when he introduced GD as his best friend _<

        1. it cut off half of my comment :/

          And you’re right bluemaid, his performance on the 15th really was something! Gutted I couldn’t be there, I’ve heard that all the boys were so much more energetic and emotional! but I shouldn’t complain, I’ve had the opportunity to see them and it was glorious!

          He was definitely very flirty with the middle section of the standers! I was so jealous but I was in the seated section so nowhere near him 😦

          I honestly didn’t think it was possible to love YB more than I already did, but after the concert I definitely do! His voice is amazing! His energy and enthusiasm is so contagious and I’m glad I got to see that live! I’m glad that he’s been more outgoing and crazy this time because I don’t think it’d have been the same if he was still the same meticulous YB from 2009. Just seeing him perform LOAM and WD live is something that can never be topped!

          And I’m really sorry if this is just one big rambling mess but I still haven’t got all of the excitement out of my system even though it’s been five days lol i very rarely comment on here and when I do, it’s always an essay :/

        2. Thanks for your fanaccount – the longer and the more detailed the better 🙂 I don’t know why ATY readers often apologize for “essays” when we love reading them so much!

          YB’s nosebleed and impromptu cover certainly made an impression (enough to be mentioned and linked to in The Guardian’s concert review.) It’s a toss up whether the 14th or the 15th was the better night, but I honestly would have preferred to be there on the 14th simply because it.

        3. @bluemaid
          yeah i guess you’re right. I think all of the concerts in this tour had something that made them unique and special.
          I, personally, feel extremely lucky that I got to be there for the whole nosebleed/Don’t judge me thing because it brought that raw, personal touch to the concert, if that makes sense. I’ve always loved how YB reacts to things like this and I enjoy his performances without all dancing and backing tracks most. Just YB and his voice, amazing. definitely the highlight of the night!
          It certainly made an impression on me! It deserved to mentioned in the Guardian’s review.

          Haha I don’t know about other ATY readers, but I always feel like I’m rambling on and on so I then feel the need to apologise lol

          The downside of all of this is that I want his album soon! I’m going to be impatient now…well more so than usual lol

        4. @TeddyBiscuits looks like all us YB fans went through the same experience – I didn’t think I could love him anymore either but I do! been a state of delirium since the 14th and its only started to wear off now (think x’mas and new-years will do the trick) it confuses everyone around me, lol.

          @BM – What did you think of The Guardian’s review? I liked the mention of the nosebleed – nicely done – but the rest? urgh, made me want to hit my head against a wall, especially “indistinguishable from Justin Bieber and One Direction” comment…

          Talking of DJM, one of my not-a-big-YB-or-BB-fan (although she probably thinks she is) said Daesung should’ve sung it not YB – almost had a mini-implosion!!!! one more word on that ignoramus remark and I would’ve gone mental – one does not just simply say things like that.

        5. @Skyhigh I thought the review was pretty positive as far as reviews go. The comparison with 1D and JB was meant to compare the quality of production (and that they were comparably good) not music/talent, but I can see how some readers may have interpreted it differently. She does clarify in the comments though. I can also understand how most non-fans didn’t get SR’s joke about being ‘Rihanna” (from also being nicknamed RiRi himself) – it would raise more than a few eyebrows unless you didn’t know that bit.

          I can’t imagine DS singing DJM myself though he would certainly put his own spin on it – perhaps your friend merely wondered why DS couldn’t sing instead (even if another song altogether) since he didn’t have a bleeding nose and all. Guess YB fans are just lucky it turned out the way it did since they were doing it on the fly, haha.

        6. @BM – Oh that makes more sense, I really should’ve taken more care reading it rather than just have a quick read and then go crazy over one remark. Thanks for that, I really failed to understand any other similarities, not in music style or performance style – it came across as branding BB too easily in the ‘cheesy music and teenage hearthtrob’ (no offense to 1D or JB) image that is usually synonymous with being a boy band. I felt a bit indignant as if the reviewer was being careless or hadnt even been part of the audience. I was really confused that I even thought if I could directly ask for the reasoning behind it (going a bit too far there lol)

          I can completely understand the Rihanna thing too…even Taeyang was like “ah?” (most likely for different reasons, who knows) The review overall was written well, I felt the same, but that comparison really irked me, it’s clarified now.

          It would’ve been no problem at all if she meant that she wished DS had sung instead or that it would’ve been nice to hear him sing the same song -my reaction would then be nothing more than a YB-biased, fangirl’s overreaction. She insisted DJM would’ve suited DS’s voice more – that just got me, there was no point in arguing that DJM suits YB’s voice and style more so I just left it since she didnt get too insolent. We did after all get to hear YB sing, so whatevs lol.

      2. @ skyhigh oh gosh, I know exactly what you mean! Whenever somebody asks how the concert was, or mentions Big Bang or something which reminds me of the concert, I just start grinning like an idiot! I’ve been so high (don’t think all of the fancams have helped either!) I hope it does wear off soon because it’s getting a little bit ridiculous now, even my mum’s been laughing at me :/ the other day she asked if YB’s nose has stopped bleeding yet….

        @ bluemaid, that really confused me at the concert too. I didn’t understand why Ri or DS didn’t sing. Even if they didn’t want to do an unprepared song, they could have taught another dance or something. But looking back, I’m glad they didn’t. Definitely prefer a special YB performance, I still can’t believe he did that.

        and skyhigh, you did the right thing ignoring her comment. It’s not worth getting into an argument over.

  3. I went to the day 2. Was so gutted he didn’t do the don’t judge me cover again, was waiting for it 😦
    Taeyang is always at his finest when hes singing from his soul

    Have a few fancams, but I was pretty far back so the quality is pretty rubbish. The crowd was off the hook yesterday, I think I’m still partially deaf!

    Awesome concert, it went way too fast though, Taeyang’s solo was over so fast =(
    I remember seeing Taeyang leaving the stage early whilst the other 4 kept on going. Then the song finished and me and my friend turned to each other and shouted ‘TAEAYNG SOLO NEXT!!’ haha years of anticipation finally coming to an end.
    There was some video of a dragon, whilst we waited, but then the LOAM beat drops and the crowd goes wild haha.

    Sorta surreal after watching them online and on tv, and now they are right in front of you. When it came to the part wear he rips his shirt off my friend almost pushed me down the stairs haha, pretty crazy scenes.

    However the worst part of the day was as we were on the train going back home, one of my friends calls us and says ‘I JUST SAW TAEYANG!’ She went to both concerts and yesterday she decided to wait at the back where the car park was. They waited for a bit but then decided to leave, as they were walking a car sorta slowed down, and just before the car approached them, the window rolled out, Taeyang popped his head and arm right out the window and shouted PEACE! And the car drove past.
    My friends were too shocked and it was too quick for them to take a photo. Daymmm if it was me I would have run after that car and jumped through the window or at least shaken his hand.

    Anyways its a pretty sad feeling that its all over now. I just hope his next solo concert comes during the summer or something, so I can fly to Korea and see it.

    1. Yikes – talk about a missed encounter 😦 … But I do share your resolve to be in Korea for his next solo concert. That one is a definite “must-go.”

    2. That was similar to what happened to us! The hotel we stayed at was literally opposite the arena and when we got back and were dying over the perfection, we heard screaming and somebody saying ‘BIG BANG’S CAR’ ran to the window and saw a group of fans running after a car. If we’d have literally stayed back 15 minutes we could have seen them 😦

  4. Ah, so envious of all who got to go!

    It’s just like YB to give fans something special after an incident like that. He really gives his all for us, which I’m extremely grateful for it.

    Love the GDYB bromance. These two will be best friends till the end of time, no doubt. I hope all the BB members rest up lots and mind their health! Especially you Tae, and your limitless energy, you’re body can only take so much!

  5. The only fancam I could find of day 1 goodbye speech – it was hilarious when YB swore about the nosebleed, lol. I also loved how they promised to come back and what GD said about being far from each other, his face looked emotional when he said it. Reliving it.

  6. Did a good job, situation and atmosphere helped make the performance better even though he messed up a lot and it wasn’t the best (repeated it a few). Appreciate the work ethic though, rain, broken cd, nosebleed, impromptu they will still perform through it. Interesting to see how the members depend on him (unless it’s just the hyung hierarchy) when something amiss goes down like, ” We got a problem hyung what do we do?… sing something.. ok done… crowd loved it even better” Great publicity move especially when natural/unintentional.

      1. No, I meant past things that have happened to big bang where they just kept the show going instead of stopping. like when the cd broke/playback stopped.or when they were slippin around on stage while it was raining etc.

        1. Ahh I see. Thanks for clearing that up. It does seem like they look to him to manage these kinds of situations…despite the fact that he was obviously having problems of his own.

          This performance of DJM including the tissue shoved up his nose will quite a memorable moment for me, for the reasons you’ve mentioned, but for him also having the grace to keep the show going, the confidence to perform looking the way he did (The Guardian mentioned this too, and sounding great (maybe even better than his more rehearsed songs). Maybe he should go with his gut and natural instincts more?

        2. Tofu: He’s exactly been trying to do that over the past 6 months, hence the liberal use of adlibs in place of singing his parts “straight.” I think he’s experimenting with a different style of performance, but is still in the process of finding the balance. (It’s still pretty hit or miss.) But I do appreciate that he’s trying different things so I have every expectation that he will continue to do better as he goes along.

    1. Really? I actually didn’t notice anything lacking in that mini performance of Don’t Judge Me. Well done for YB for taking the situation into his hands even with that nosebleed and tissue stuck up his nostril – it was his time to be backstage and take care of it instead he sings impromptu.

      That “can we go now?” I see now was as much for the staff as it was for the fans, lol.

    2. @ >.>
      How do you know that the Don’t Judge Me cover was improv? When he said ‘Dante, you ready’, they seemed to know what to play.

      1. Check silly’s comment below – I guess he had used it for soundcheck to warm up (same way he has used some Neyo or Boys II men songs in the past on other gigs.) I tend to agree it probably wasn’t intended to be part of the show but since he sang it earlier it wasn’t as out of the blue as all that.

      2. Cause you can see them introducing GD then Ri stops him saying they need to extend the talk cause of problems. then asks if YB could sing dance or whatever. He then queued that he would sing a CB song then said “Dante are you ready”. Just cause it’s improvised for the situation doesn’t mean it isn’t a practiced piece. it’s just like when idols go to varieties and hosts tell them sing something…. they go into a practice piece and drop a verse or line or what not

  7. On the monitor in YBmania’s fancam, you can actually see the staff’s request (in korean), asking them to stretch out the talk a little longer because they’re encountering a problem with the video. In fact, they type “Thank you for taking time” once YB starts singing DJM.^^

    Still, I wasn’t sure if it was really impromptu since he’d warmed up(?) with DJM during rehearsal as well. But perhaps the fact that he didn’t sing it again on Day 2 means it really was unplanned? Which is awesome.

    And I don’t see this posted here yet? Gah, love the adlibs…
    Don’t Judge Me rehearsal audio (YBmania)

    …Wow, I think this is my first post in almost two years. How y’all doin’?^^

    1. It’s been AGES but so glad to hear from you in the comments (er…since we talk elsewhere.) Thanks for clearing up the bit about technical difficulty – good thing he used the song during the warm up so the band and he were synched on how to go about it. (Of course, there was very little expectation on my part that he would remember lyrics; I was surprised he did as well as he did, hahaha.) In the end it turned out to be one of the most memorable events on the tour. (Wouldn’t it have been something if the trio knocked out Nunmul a capella though? That would have been soooooo awesome.)

      (And yes, bless YBM for that audio upload. Adlibs were awesome. <33)

      I also notice that the London concert seemed to be one of the best ones technically (lucky video glitch aside) – the sound engineering and lighting seemed so much better than at the other venues. Kudos to Wembley Arena if that was the case.

      And on a completely different note, their english has come such a long way since: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-b6ZUyJrGQ

      1. I suppose Wembley Arena gets its good reputation from the technical side of things, because in terms of audience to stage coordination (as in how people standing at the back probably saw NOTHING of the stage, on top of being squashed to death because standing is so cramped) I personally think the stage is too far back and low, I’m no expert but just how I feel.

        Oh my! Haha, that old clip – indeed they’ve come far, maybe except TOP, no one understood what he said lol. I’m glad he spoke in Korean on day 2 because he was at least able to express himself and say what he wanted to say freely, even if half the people didn’t understand. So proud of YB! His English is going steady – keep practicing and he’ll get there.

        Its been a while since I’ve been active in the YB-world aka here and Twitter, too! So ready for his solo album.

      2. Yeah, I’m trying to come out of hiding, slowly gearing up for his solo promos.^^ Because he *will* have his album out soon, dammit. (If it’s not out in the next, oh, half year, I may go back into hiding for good this time, haha. :threatening:)

        Ah, I didn’t even think of Nunmul A capella. I’m almost glad they didn’t because I would have felt totally jipped that they only did it in London, lol. I’ve really been feeling Nunmul’s absence on this tour. Wish they had included it because there’s really no song highlighting the three vocals on the current setlist. And, as fun and energetic as their concerts were, I would have loved the little more ‘soul’ that Nunmul would have injected. JMO^^

        1. Wow if the DJM cover really was improvised, that was really well done, you barely notice anything going wrong. And apart from a couple of lyrical mistakes he sang it beautifully.

          I was waiting for Nunmul or Stay to come on. It seemed like they went with more of the up beat songs. The only vocal focused performance was haru haru, which was great. So having Nunmul or stayed would have been really good. Oh well, was still a great night. I was pleasantly surprised when YB asked the audience to sing the haru haru chorus, and the crowd did a pretty good job of it.

        2. tried to email you a while ago cause didn’t see u around here but seems like ur old one is dead.

          Good to see/hear ur ok n around though

  8. poor baby:((ugh i just wanna hug him.
    i just can’t with him.still able to perform well jumping all over the place with a bloody nose.i hope they have a lot of time to themselves after the tour.

  9. Wow, so many great videos! Thank you 🙂 I have always watched every one of them 🙂

    And YB had great time, BB had great time… I feel like crying coz I didn’t have a chance to go to their conserts!!! 😦

    YB is working so hard… Hopefully we’ll hear from his solo music soon! 🙂

  10. Wow…..I have no idea how I missed this post! Especially when I’m usually the first to comment! Hahaha

    Exciting to read everyone’s fan accounts. You London fans were so lucky! I would have died if I saw YB with a bloody nose just killing DJM.

    I’m really hoping YB has a solo concert in the summer. I’ve already started to make plans to go to Korea just to see it. YB&YG, don’t disappoint me!!!

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