Big Bang got their Fantastic Cray-on at MAMA 2012

The awards are pretty much beside the point (though congrats BB for winning “Best Male Group” and “Artist of the Year”) – its all about spectacular performances at the MAMAs.  Despite the usual MAMA tradition of shoddy sound mixing, Big Bang managed to bring an exciting and fun performance with a mash-up of “Fantastic Baby” and G-dragon’s “Crayon.”

Big Bang always know how to work a stage. And how about our Energizer Bunny rapping again? 🙂

A closer look via YBManiaOfficial:

Solmate compiled shots of Taeyang in the audience and other cuts here.

And the acceptance speech for “Artist of the Year” (thanks to Choi Girl!)

9 thoughts on “Big Bang got their Fantastic Cray-on at MAMA 2012”

  1. Performance was beyond awesome!! I really loved every single second of it. And YB rapping was just the best part ever!! x)

  2. Akasjfhscjadnvjalcma…….

    No time so let me get this out quickly.

    Crappy audio system aside, of course, YB was just LOVE.

    His rap. Oh his rapping!!!!! Seriously, I better get at least one rap track from him on his album.

    He was seriously like a 5 yr old boy, just having too much fun at the MAMAs. Hahaha. I loved it.

    Hands down, this was the best stage of the night. The only other stages to even grab my attention were EH and the hip-hop stage. But BB were truly on another level. It was to the point where I was wondering if this was the MAMAs or a BB concert. Hahaha

    But yeah. YB rapping and being all free and giddy made my morning. I just wish his mic worked better. It was so obvious how much trouble he had with it. They ALL did. Step your game up MNet!

  3. everything Big Bang put into their performances is just mind-blowing
    they do prepare a lot …from the ideas to the real stage… i love when they had acceptance speech – YB didnt forget to sat thanks to their band, to the stylists, the dancers & YG family members (GD speech as well) ^^ so proud !!!

    YB rapping is one of the parts i have to replay a lot – hopefully we can see more of it in his next solo comeback !!! 🙂

  4. Big Bang killed the night by delivered such great performance…and our boy YB was so hyper throughout the show, dancing around like a happy kid…just gotta fell for this guy more…
    Last but not the least, YB rapping was epic! He totally nailed it! Can’t wait for his solo comeback XD

  5. They rocked it like no other. To be honest, besides their stage, Epik High was the other performance I really liked from MAMA. And YB’s rap!!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it! Please let him do some raps in his solo album!! Would love to hear more of it! Loved the partied up version of “Fantastic Baby” real nice 😉

  6. What happens when Gangnam style meets Hongdae style partying lol. YG fam at the MAMA After Party. BB hanging out at the DJ booth (with GD, YB and DS helping Psy out on the mic)

    And a little more BB

    1. Psy+EH+BB is awesome. Couldn’t tell if this was the MAMA after party or a YGE party. I wonder where all of the other idols were. It’s just YGE and the actors and actresses. Hahaha

      Glad to see everyone just having crazy fun. Especially Mithra and Dae it seems. 😛

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