Memories of Taeyang on the Alive Tour 2012

Big Bang is done with the ASEAN and American legs of its Alive Tour having completed performances in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Anaheim, Newark and Lima . Reviews for the tour have been positive from both fans and the press – mostly lauding the show as fun, energetic and involving.

It’s especially thrilling for fans who get to experience Big Bang’s interactive and playful style in person for the first time. Wishing the boys the best for the rest of the tour and all the fans the best concert experience!

We haven’t been posting photos since the look of the show is very similar from one show to the other (and there are just  too many amazing photos…)  For those who want a glimpse of Taeyang over the past 3 months you can check out the extensive tour photo coverage on Planet YB.

Some highlights

LOAM and WD of course (in all the countries)!
From Nov 13 Anaheim (urthesun1)

All the Bad Boy performances (Taeyang’s favorite BB song)
From Sept 29 Singapore (YBManiaOfficial)

Special little rap and song bits they’ve added for the shows – whether its on GD’s new songs or special ones for the locality

Teydaddy rap on Oct 16 Bangkok (Som Jae)

Aku Cinta Padamu on Oct 12 Jakarta (sakuradaichiko)

Empire State of Mind on Nov. 8 Newark (lilmzattitudex3)

Taeyang beatboxes for GD Oct 27 Kuala Lumpur (urthesun1)

YB, SR and DS doing the ments and opening for GD&Top. YB’s english is adorable as is SR and DS’s and the “D-T-V” trio never failed to charm whether it was making friends with Merlion, shouting random phrases in Thai or Bahasa, doing an audience call and response or scolding the standing audience for pushing against each other too much. Their interaction is a highlight of every show, especially when they tease each other.

From Sept 29 Singapore (GuiLongg1840)

From Sept 28 Singapore (aMoreisReal)

From Oct 20 Taiwan (

“Don’t Push” Oct 13 Jakarta (d388y81)

“Manila Baby” Oct 24 Manila (harharriete)

From Nov 8 in Newark (via LuvSuJuSHINeeB2st)

From Nov 14 Lima AzonestationTV

The encores have become huge fanservice events with each of the members breaking out to play – dousing the crowd and each other with water, playing with audience gifts and performing running, sitting and lying down. Shirtless YB always took the opportunity to go into the audience (sometimes getting his flirt on haha) and it’s a running gag that he never wants to leave the stage even though everyone is exhausted. Energizer Bunny indeed.

Highlights of Alive Tour Malaysia (urthesun1)

Feeling Encore Sept 28 Singapore (honeyfishco)

Ending Dougie Jakarta Oct 12 (sabrinadewi89)

… and close up (carefreeangel)

Taeyang during the entire Nov 3 Anaheim encore (kpopcouchcrew):

He’s given away his shirts, towels, varsity jackets, water bottles and even the horn off the how-gee bike to fans in the audience.

From twitter (@zazayb, @Bigbanggoods1, @7real, @YGLtazanya)

OMG taeyang saw her board, came down, sang, smiled in frnt of her, HOLDIN HER HAND. took off his shirt n gave to her

(AGT LA first date) Taeyang saw her slogan and said so creative and then he took off his jacket and gave it to her.


Taeyang broke the horn on his bike and gave to this lucky fan. Plus his water bottle.

Dream come true for A YB fan: A must read fan account.

And what would life be without the odd wardrobe malfunctions – like losing his accessories during his somersault (and a rather spectacular pants rip in Taiwan.)

Stubborn Jacket in LA (urthesun1)

Loses his bandana in Jakarta (carefreeangel)

Of course there were also the parts outside of the concert where fans get a little extra thrill over tweets about the guys hanging out at the hotel in the afternoon before performances. Taeyang was into a Nerf gun phase and GDYB has been tweeting and RTing themselves hanging out and enjoying the hot weather in the pool while Hwangssabu done his share with some choice exercise pics. Hopefully they get a chance to travel around for fun another time and get to see more than the hotel!

Any other favorite Taeyang memories from the Alive Tour? We”d love to hear your fanaccounts – share it in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Memories of Taeyang on the Alive Tour 2012”

  1. Thanks BM for your awesome post as always. All the hightlights of concerts.
    Unfortunately, I started my MA course right after Big Bang kicked out their tour around Southeast Asia so I could not attend any AT concert. But a lot of my friends went abroad (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand,…) to see Big Bang live and I always asked them to share their fanaccount later :). The interesting thing is all of them talked about how much Youngbae enjoyed the stage and I felt so touched after reading these parts. “He is always the last person who left the stage. The way he sings, the way he dances, you can feel how much he love being on stage after a few seconds he appears.” Also they talked about his fanservice like he was always shirtless and danced all the time, he biased and gave the best fanservices to fans who hold his stuff like fansigns or slogans haha.

    And here is the cute moment my friend caught on the second day of NJ concert. I want to translate and share it with you ( she got standing tickets for both days and she was lucky enough to be in front of the railing so she could see every detail of the concert)

    “Most of staffs here did not know about Big Bang before. The security staff who stood in front of me is a 50-year-old white man. After listening to 4 or 5 songs, he seemed to have fun and started dancing. His favorite performance is Wedding Dress, he could not take his eyes off the stage where Taeyang was singing. And obviously he was impressed by Hara Haru. He continously looked at Big Bang and fans singing along the song. After a while, it seemed he was warned not to concentrate on the duty and he had to move to another place LOL. I am sure that after the concert, Big Bang has one more old fan here”

    1. the security staff kind of reminded me about the photographer guy who took Taeyang’s photo during his first concert.i tried to find the article and this was what he said:

      “Dong YoungBae or TaeYang…

      I have been to over a thousand concerts and took photos at hundreds of them but this kid was the first, at least among Korean musicians, to touch my heart so deeply that it goes beyond simple goosebumps with only his body movement and not with a guitar and to send thrills down my spine with only his voice of pure emotions.

      It was the first time I have ever forgotten completely that I was there to do a job and watched the artist on stage totally entranced while several songs were performed because my mind just went blank.

      I am just so happy because I can be by his side and so thankful because he always beats my expectations.”

      -SeungRyul Lee

      i get how it feels like to see his performance up breathtaking,our Youngbae

  2. This post is amazing and wonderful and all the other lovely words to describe how much these fancams and the fan account put a smile on my face.

    I couldn’t make it any of Big Bang’s concerts. I only got back home (Taiwan) last Saturday – would be too much of a rush to head to their Tokyo Dome finale (Dec 5). Their kickstart for their world tour was also the midst of my final leg in my Bachelors and the start of my Masters… Woe is me. 😥

    A friend of a friend is a major Big Bang fan (TOP’s girl), so my friend in Malaysia was able to go to their KL concert (she’s a YB fan too :D) and was able to post me their “Haru Haru” performance. Eargasm, YB’s adlibs were amazing, and the song itself is a gem.

    And photos of course, very lovely ones too.

    Love YB’s fanservice and enjoying himself in all these concert tours, makes me wish I went to one at least! And his English! Gah! Can’t spazz even more about how much I heart it. 🙂

  3. When I’m not being too lazy, I will be sure to post up my experience of seeing YB perform in LA, as well as my adorable little niece and nephew’s reactions to the concert. Hahaha 🙂

  4. The concert was great. Tbh, i spent a large amount of money just to see them and I didn’t regret my decision at all. about an hour before the concert started, it started to rain and the rain just got heavier. we were pretty wet despite the raincoats we put on (the concert was held at an OUTDOOR stadium). We didn’t care. In fact my friend said that this could be the memory that only the Malaysian fans could have .. Rain+Big Bang=Awesome experience? haha.

    Surprisingly, the section where i was at, there were about 50-50 ratio on fangirls and fanboys. No kidding, I have some videos and really, there were so many fanboys around it was great. YB came to my side and gave us so much love that night I just had to be so proud of him haha. He was rocking out as usual, in his own world~

    during LOAM i was the only singing in like 3m radius LOL… no one really knew the song but when he started on Wedding Dress, the crowd cheered ha 🙂 he slipped a few times (slippery floor due to the rain before the concert started)

    Ahh! His English…! He sounded so cute though there were times he had too much swag when he spoke hehehe. You could tell those were scripted and he kept using some words over and over again haha.

  5. i was really happy that he changed BEFORE alive tour.see,all of us got to see his dorky,snarky,humourous side at the concert.he interacts more with his members,teasing them to no end.and the fanservice,my god.bless him.he knows what fans want.
    i’m just very thankful,you see,he’s not like this at all.the only members who gave so much fan service before during concerts were GD and maknae.and he had almost zero interactions with the members.
    so glad he changed.don’t care what other fans say.

  6. i feel like this blog is becoming dead … just like my passion for all things taeyang … i’ve enjoyed all the posts about taeyang … but just as GD, YB, VI and TOP have done by building careers out of BB … it’s time to move on

    1. ATY has evolved considerably as a blog and will continue to change along with Taeyang and the staff who run it. We started out in 2008 as one of the few sites dedicated to Taeyang for english speakers, but fortunately there is so much more out there for the Taeyang fan nowadays. YB’s fansites in Korea and all over the world are actively sharing Taeyang news and media directly and fans can more easily get in touch with each other through twitter and other sites. It’s allowed us to be more selective about what we post and to just focus on what we find most interesting, since fans now have so many more options for news. The network of Taeyang fans all around the world have gotten wider and its wonderful that fans can choose how they want to interact with other fans.

      That said, fandom, like all relationships, evolve with time. As both we and the artists we like grow and change, our tastes and lifestyles may not fit as well as they did in the early days of discovery. The honeymoon phase eventually passes, and the intensity of passion (and near obsession) can simmer down to a comfortable interest and affection as other things take a more central role in life. For some, their interests may lead them to a different place altogether. Wherever your fandom journey takes you, I hope you have good memories of when you enjoyed Taeyang most and who knows, maybe in the future he may work on something that interests you again. Peace!

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