Taeyang books some studio time in the US

Taeyang has been tweeting about spending some studio time with producer Nathan “Happy” Perez (@happyperez1), James Fauntleroy II(@cocaine80s) and Britt Burton (Britton4life), audio engineer  Jordan Stilwell (@jmstil) and YG Family member Choice37 (@Choice37).

Perez worked with R&B artist Miguel on both “All I want is You” and “Kaleidoscope Dream”, some of TY’s current R&B favorites. (Which is the most probable inspiration for the collaboration.) Ex-Underdogs member Fauntleroy is a singer-songwriter and is a member of the group Cocaine80s (a frequent collaborator with the rapper Common.) Burton has written for The Wanted, among other UK acts, and has also written the still-to-be released english version of 2ne1’s “I Love You.”

TY being the thankful sort of guy he is, it’s not easy to say how things are going but he does seem pretty happy with what they’ve done so far.  There’s no way to guarantee the outcome no matter who the producer is, but here’s hoping for some synergy in their short time together.

4 thoughts on “Taeyang books some studio time in the US”

  1. No one knows if any of their work will make the final cut, but I think this collaboration further confirms the direction YB wants to go with his sound. Not that its any surprise seeing the kind of music he’s been recommending on twitter, but it would be interesting to see how he can put his unique spin on what Frank Ocean/the Weeknd/Miguel has been putting out.

    What is clear though is that there is a very high probability of english songs on the next album. International album ala Solar part 2? And maybe a little international promo this time? With all the international attention Kpop is getting, now is a logical time to do it. (The thought is both exhiliarating and terrifying to me. I’m still a nervous fanmom at heart.)

    1. As always BM…..you’ve captured my thoughts perfectly!

      Regardless of what happens, whether the stuff he’s working on even ends up in his album, I’m just excited and happy that he’s in the studio and working on music.

  2. 😀 if he come up with at least one good old R’n’B, i’ll be happer than ever…somethin like Take it Slow pretty please??? (^_^’) V
    Anyway, if it’s name Miguel i’ve heard about, then i won’t be disapointed with his new album 🙂

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