Taeyang with fans in New York (November 2012)

Taeyang tweeted about him getting tatted up during his few days free in New York after Big Bang’s concert in Newark, NJ.

Alert fans took the opportunity to head down to Inkline Studio on Manhattan’s lower East Side to meet him. Paparazzi (247paps on youtube ) were also on hand to record the event:

So much to fangirl over in this video: His English! His being so patient in signing autographs! He eats cannoli! Not to mention how endlessly nice, cute, adorable and sweet and squishy he is. (My inner fanmom cannot be contained  — spaaaazzz.)

Another video anecdote of how nice he is: Taeyang dougieing with a fan right after the concert (which actually made it to the Korean media.)

From the video description and comments (from JoviCity on youtube):

“Big Bang’s Taeyang teaches me how to Dougie after the Big Bang Alive Concert in Newark NJ on November 9, 2012. Cooking. I am just super happy he caught the food out of the air!”

“I am just a fan. Honestly, I just walked pass security (I think they thought I was a staff member or a security guard of some sort). I went to the back where their escalades were. Saw Taeyang leave with his security guard (who had a weapon on him JUST IN CASE someone decided to act up! haha) and that’s when I said “Taeyang, all I WANNA DO IS DOUGIE WITH YOU!” He was down, and that’s how it happened. My night was made! Sometimes ya just gotta try.”

“Actually I just went to back the stadium where they were leaving, ran into them, and asked the homie to dougie with me haha. He’s honestly the best!”

So happy New York is showing him a lot of love – and it seems the feeling is mutual. Looks like he’ll have to go back soon… he has to get his tattoo finished!


12 thoughts on “Taeyang with fans in New York (November 2012)”

  1. I swear!! Taeyang is the best!!!! I have had the honor and pleasure to see them live on November 8, and it was worth it!!! And you know how people always say how skinny G-dragon is? Well, he looked healthy and not rail thin. He looked average and damned good! They all looked so good. Taeyang!!! OMG!!!! Taeyang is nice and healthy too and looked even better when he took of his shirt. He is not skinny with muscles. like how he looks on camera. He is not that little either. He is not the tallest but he is not a midget either. LOL!! Taeyang is as every bit of sexy on camera and looks just as good in real life!! The cameras are lying! LOL!! I pray that I will have another opportunity to see them in NY/NJ again. I am still trying to recover!!!

  2. All of the photos you see of Taeyang even the one on this page with the tattoo artist he looks so small. The cameras are lying!!! LOL!!!! Don’t let the pics or videos fool you guys!!! I am sorry but I am still spazzing because I have not had the opportunity to get it out because no one who I am around knows who or what Big bang/Taeyang/K-pop even is so, there is no one to share the moments with except here online.(*_*)

    1. it’s not so clear to see… ppl guess that it’s unfinished so YB must stay in the US to get it done
      since he’s got new tattoo, i hope his solo will come out soon 😀
      the rumor of his November comeback seems to be impossible but maybe early next yearrrr

  3. Gahh!! I must see those videos when I get back home (which is soon)! So glad that he’s been enjoying himself these days, shall write up a proper comment once I return!! XD

    1. Just watched the videos… AMAZING~~~!! He was so patient with the autographs and I agree bluemaid, his ENGLISH!!! ZOMGGG GAHHH. *mind blown*

      My mum told me when BB went to Taiwan for the concert, she said YB was the most friendly, she said the others were a bit awkward… While that’s understandable I guess, because of the language barrier. Anyways.. off topic.. lol

      His hair! And him having the same pose with the girls at the restaurant lol~~~

    1. Awwwww…….our bias is just amazing. And he’s so down-to-earth. I mean, who else would starting dougie-ing with a fan? Only Dong-freaking-YoungBae.

      That fan was so lucky! Seriously though. Amazing.

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