News bit: Taeyang as a model citizen

Taeyang has been awarded a plaque of appreciation by the local government of Gyeonggi-Yangju for being a model taxpayer thus promoting the local tax system.

According to the news article, Taeyang was born in Yangju, a city in Gyeonggi.  It also mentions that Taeyang’s father used to work for the Yangju City local government and his father’s brother also works in Yangju City as a team leader in the department for Urban Development.

Taeyang was part of a group of 17 individuals selected by a public screening committee from various fields for their various contributions to the province in the areas of social and economic welfare, public health, the environment, sports, media and educational development and the like.  At 24, Taeyang was the youngest honoree  in the group.

Source: Yonhap (Nate), Asia News Agency

9 thoughts on “News bit: Taeyang as a model citizen”

  1. It’s nice seeing some positive press for a change that isn’t directly tied to promotions. Though paying one’s taxes is pretty much expected from everyone, it’s still nice to be acknowledged for doing one’s civic duty.

  2. Not gonna lie, I laughed when I read this. It’s just a really random thing to hear about YB. Hahaha

    But yay for him! What a great role model. My bias can do no wrong. 😀

  3. Ahaha i cant help but laugh too, TAXPAYER, is’t our boy responsible little man, very proud of his achievements as being the youngest honoree that’s pretty positive that his doing all of this promotion for important issues in community way to use his startem power. I cant want for the NEW ALBUM.

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