Taeyang to release single in November?

News excerpt From Star:

Translation via @kristinekwak

Taeyang, who is already well-known as a solo artist for his vocals and performance is also planned to release new songs in November.

Yang Hyunsuk stated “In Taeyang’s case, he was originally planned to release a summer solo album and promote it in the summer alongside G-Dragon” and “He finished producing his new album with American producers but he and I were not satisfied with the album so we decided not to release it.”

He continued “Taeyang is in the process of re-recording right now and in November he will release his new songs as singles,” and “as a Taeyang fan myself I have high expectations for his performances of his new solo songs.”

Translation via @ds0426_ing

“There was a plan for YB to release his new solo album this summer w/ GD. Preparing for YB’s new album with American producers was finished. But YB and YG weren’t fully satisfied. So they decided to not to release that album.YB is re-producing his new solo song now. The new song could be released by a single(not an album) in November.”

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Well history certainly seems to be repeating itself.  Delayed album, releasing a single first, reworking the album “that was almost finished”….  Just hope we don’t get a depression at the end of it. Considering Big Bang’s tour schedule towards the end of the year, I’m not expecting much from any promotions either. Hope they can put youtube to work this time around – I’d be happy with a kickass music video and some YG on Air.  (Plus some good interviews.)

Anyway, as we’ve always said — good music is worth waiting for.  Whenever you’re ready, kid !

11 thoughts on “Taeyang to release single in November?”

  1. Lack of time to promote aside, I think this is a good idea. Releasing singles way ahead worked for TY the last time, and would be a good idea before the US leg of the tour if they can swing it. I’m sure YB would love to have something new to perform during the rest of the tour – even if just a snippet.

    In any case, I don’t see the need to rush if they are just going to half ass it. I don’t think fans are going to pressure him to release anything unless he is 100% happy about it, so I hope YG doesn’t push things unecessarily.

  2. I’m not believing anything until it happens. We all know how calendars/schedules and YG don’t really get along.

    I’ll just be happy that YB is working hard to ensure that the album is done to his satisfaction. I’ll wait until he feels like its good enough to release. He hasn’t disappointed me yet.

    But seriously…….Solar 2.0 anyone?

    And I have a feeling that the single has the planned November release to try and coincide with the US tours. We all know how much WUA and WD blew up internationally when released as the singles before the album. I think YGE is hoping for the same reaction. And the fact that they specifically say that YB worked with American producers for the album makes me think this even more.

  3. WOW! I don’t know what to say. I’m curious what made him want to re-record. I’m excited for these new singles.

    Anyone get or going to get tickets for Bigbang in the US? I’m gonna be at the one in Newark, maybe we’ll unknowingly bump into one another! 🙂

  4. Pretty excited but I want to be careful with this. YG’s not good with time management. Since he’s re-recording again, guess it means we will be left wondering what are the songs in the initial album, like how we always wondered about the ‘other’ songs he never released on the Solar album last time. I hope he can manage, what with touring and promoting at the same time. and can we please get at least (at most?) one variety/talk show for him to get on 😀

  5. I love you smaile…! No c hablar ingles!!! Disculpame si esta mal escrito!!! Pero amo tu sonrrisa !!

  6. I’m getting a deja vu here!! Wedding Dress was announced in November, so I’m getting flashbacks of good times (and bad).

    Solar was prepared and released under these exact circumstances… Delayed, single first before album…Albeit a bit different now, of course.

    I’m cautiously excited, like I always am with YG’s trolling with single/album releases… Hahah.

    As long as the final result is something YB is happy with, I’m all good.. I’d much prefer he was performing something that he himself felt satisfied with, rather than a full on promotion to something he half-assed or didn’t feel happy about.

    I don’t want to see a depressed YB 😦 so I can wait.

  7. Allkpop translation: http://www.allkpop.com/2012/10/2ne1-and-taeyang-to-release-new-songs-in-november

    “For Taeyang’s case, he was originally going to to release a solo album this past summer with G-Dragon and start promotions… He worked with American producers and had completed the new album. However, he, as well as I, were both not completely satisfied and thus decided not to release it at the time.”

    “Taeyang is currently reworking on the solo album and may be able to release a new song as a single first in November… I’m a fan of Taeyang myself, so I am highly anticipating the stage for his new solo song,” he said, and wrapped up by adding, “In October, YG’s Epik High as well as Lee Hi (Lee Ha Yi) will also reveal new songs… As we’re also expecting 2NE1 and Taeyang promotions on top of all that, we are already looking forward to enjoying the end of the year with fans.”

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