Taeyang photos from Big Bang’s Alive Galaxy Tour Press Conference in Singapore (120927)

Big Bang is back in Singapore for  2 days of concerts as part of their Alive Galaxy Tour.  They held a press conference on the evening of September 27 to get the ball rolling. Some more photos from insing.com via @YB_SUNshine :


We’ll update as soon as more details from the press conference come in.

15 thoughts on “Taeyang photos from Big Bang’s Alive Galaxy Tour Press Conference in Singapore (120927)”

  1. Smiley YB > Angsty YB anytime. I like the look and it seems like I’m getting used to his hairstyles lately. Jacket on shoulder is ❤

  2. YB outside of Korea is surely a sight to behold. He was just all smiles and laughs and his goofy self.

    Getting numbers and talking about R movies…….mischievous YB is back in action guys!!! I love it. He needs to get out of Korea more often. Haha

  3. Hahaha, love his goofiness. All smiley and waving and being a fun person, LOL

    And he got her number! hahahahah!! I love the first photo, but the third to last photo works just as well 😛

  4. Sorry for posting a lot in the past few days. But I wanted to mention that I did see Taeyang’s version of Wedding Dress in Singapore.

    It would make me extremely happy if he did all the original choreography and the original style concept on the US leg of their tour. Taeyang should be showing his MJ side and dancing talent in the US (just for his solo portion)…it’s definitely what I am expecting when I watch for WD.

  5. taeyang is very awesome! we all here in philippines are looking forward to watch their upcoming concert. i’ll wait for you yb! ❤

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