Lyle Beniga gives a shoutout to Taeyang on Arirang TV (120918)

One of our favorite people here on ATY, choreographer and dancer Lyle Beniga, recently had some more-than-kind things to say about Taeyang in an interview with Arirang TV.

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Well, real recognize real and all that jazz, haha.  I’m sure the admiration is mutual.  Plus them working together is always a pleasure for everyone involved – especially the audience.  Hope we can look forward to another collaboration in the not-too-distant future.

Update: The full interview:

He talks about Taeyang at 12:45


6 thoughts on “Lyle Beniga gives a shoutout to Taeyang on Arirang TV (120918)”

  1. Lyle is one of my favourite dancers, and I am soo happy he feels so passionately towards one of my favourite singers. Like you said, BM, I’m sure it’s mutual.

    Lyle, Shaun and YB are meant to be.
    I am crossing my fingers for their reunion in YB’s upcoming solo album. PLEASE!!

  2. it’s been so long since i’ve visited ATY. you guys already had this interview up. fast.

    this interview was really inspiring for me. i seriously think EVERYBODY needs to see Lyle’s work and Taeyang is THE guy to deliver it. man this gets me pretty excited for this next solo. Shaun and Lyle have been posting all this new stuff…holy, this is great.

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