Taeyang at the “My Boon x G-Dragon” Collaboration Release Party (120920)

There’s probably more to post on, but it all escapes me.  All I can think of right now is how much I love his hair…

Updated photos below the cut!

Has anyone noticed that he is actually looking full face straight into the camera for once with no sunglasses? So unusual for him.

Photocredits as tagged.


20 thoughts on “Taeyang at the “My Boon x G-Dragon” Collaboration Release Party (120920)”

  1. Omg…..I’m in love again!!!!

    The style, the frontal poses, the smile, the HAIR!!!! ❤

    I told people to just appreciate the hair with the braids. Look what it gave us. I love it.

    And our man has been looking extremely happy lately. Me likey.

    And I KNEW he would be there. He is GD's number one cheerleader after all. Hahaah 😀

  2. first of all, i also love the hair.plus a frontal view of his gorgeous face plus no sunglasses on.ahhh!!!he looks so good!!
    the first pic is my favorite.YB so goodlooking.GDYB<3

    1. I ACTUALLY LOOOOOOOOOVE IT TOO! I don’t know why people disliked it so much, I think he looks gorgeous and I love it when he’s not wearing sunglasses for Christ’s sake! he’s gorgeous and this reminds me why he’s been my bias all these years lol

  3. As I’ve said before, I LOVE his hair this way. That said, he’s probably going to wear it differently for performances because he hates getting it in his face.

    I think we’re going to see TY play around with his hair more this time around now that he’s managed to grow it out enough to experiment. YB doesn’t cycle through changes as quickly as others and when he does change, he’ll do so deliberately and keep with it a while. I figure this is another one of his phases – the “experiment with hair” phase. (Like the “wear a turtleneck/bandana phase covering half his face” deal he had 2 years ago, or that time he lived in black skinny jeans and boots.) He seems to have moved on from printed pants and shirts with the sleeves cut off and has gone full blast Givenchy recently so I expect we can just check the Givenchy lineup to know what he’ll be doing for Fall. I’m just hoping he gets over those bandanas and scarves soon though, because I hate those, lol.

    And aww, since he’s graduated into snapbacks, I wonder whatever happened to his collection of fitteds?

  4. xD Go YB!! …haha his hair remind me of that dude from the Simpsons, that criminal he has same hair as taedaddy …xD hahaha, still, it looks simpatic on him 🙂

  5. I wonder if he is going to grow his hair long enough to put into cornrows again or he is going to do something else. I am not going to even lie. My boy taeyang could wear a mohawk like no other! I mean (dramatic pause) He owns that *ish! He still is fine as hell. I am also kinda liking G-D’s hairstyle and color. I’t looks like it is sweet and you could eat it! Cotton candy. hehe! I can’t wait what’s in store for us Taeyang fans. hell. I can’t wait for Big bang’s new performances or anything of that matter.

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