Taeyang joins G-Dragon on Inkigayo comeback (120916) aka The Return of Young Bear

As many of you know, Taeyang has been spending a lot of time helping promote and launch fellow Big Bang Member G-Dragon’s latest solo EP “One of A Kind.” He cameo’d in the MV, has been talking it up on twitter, and was bouncing off the walls and cheerleading at the home-shopping-network-ish countdown to the release (see it here.)

Photo from Taeyang’s twitter. Performance video below the cut:

As announced much earlier, he was also on hand to support the first live performance on SBS Inkigayo:

He looked adorkable, releasing his inner 5-year old in that dougie. (Look what I can do Mommy!) Whatever else, he just loves dancing and it shows.

He tweeted his post performance reaction to all this:

I think that sums it up pretty well.


4 thoughts on “Taeyang joins G-Dragon on Inkigayo comeback (120916) aka The Return of Young Bear”

  1. And this is why YB needs to comeback. So he can get his crazy ass back onstage and enjoy himself again.

    I’m loving all of the GDYB lately.

    And adorkable YB dancing is always a win in my book.
    Ever since th mv, I wanted to see YB do the OOAK choreo. Got my wish! I’m just sad because it seemed to go so much harder in the mv than when it was actually performed.

    But still, YB performing onstage is always a happy event.

    1. The second I saw the choreo I was sure that TY was busy training with them behind the scenes – it’s exactly the kind of thing he loves to do. And you could tell he was having loads of fun. More than being cool, it was really an expression of joy for him. Lord knows that dougie is driving me insane, but I can’t begrudge him the dancing of it when he’s obviously having the time of his life.

      As to GDYB, TY has certainly taken on the role of GD’s number 1 cheerleader. He’s bonkers for sure, but I guess it’s great having a friend like that who’ll go all out for you when push comes to shove.

      1. yes to everything.
        i had enough of that dougie but he obviously enjoyed it so much so i’m just bearing with it lol that and the adlibs T-T

  2. He really is having the legit time of his life nowadays.

    I seriously think that he gets high off music, this guy <.< He doesn't need a girlfriend, he can just marry music (YB, us fans are praying for you to get a gf. But somehow, I feel like a couple of years from now, he'll be like "Ok guys, I've been in a secret relationship for seven years now, etc. etc" and then YG will always be known as the company that teaches their singers how to have a secret relationship for an extended period of time, lol)

    And he's so wild now too. I use to think that Taeyang could only be wild on stage but he's just as wild off of it now.

    And I love the GDYB bromance. These two will be the best of friends till death, I'm sure. It's great to see that Taeyang is 100% behind GD's comeback. Since GD's solo album is out, I'm wondering when Taeyang is going to start his solo activities again so that they can do more of a collab (would LOVE to see a Korean Dream pt. 2 or something, lol)

    Just keep on being yourself YB ❤

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