[Twitter] Taeyang confesses on Twitter (120830)

His series of tweets:

TY: It’s time to tell everyone that i do have a girlfriend
TY : It’s been a while since we’ve been together

Then he translates the same into Korean:

TY :  이제 모두에게 사실을 말할 때 인것 같네요.. 저 사실은 여자친구가 있습니다.
TY :  만난지는 조금 됐구요 ..

And then the other shoe drops:

TY: Is there anybody that looks like her?

And king troll later adds:
TY: 이게 사실 좀 더 오래 끌었어야 하는데.. 후..
Trans: I should have taken longer hours.. hoo.. (via @LueKim)
(Meaning he should have stretched out the suspense and trolled us longer… )

TY: 역시.. 여러분들은 절 많이 사랑해주시는군여.. 오늘 다시 한번 느낍니다.. Love ya’ll !! kk
Trans :No doubt.. you all give us so much love.. And I realize that once more today.. Love ya’ll !! Kk (via @big_seunghyun)

14 thoughts on “[Twitter] Taeyang confesses on Twitter (120830)”

  1. Haha… he really had me going there when he translated to Korean and was waiting a while before dropping the punchline…

    Boy is either really bored, or this is all a part of some master plan of misdirection….

  2. Someone please remind me again why I stan this man. What a troll!

    And he even goes on to say he should have trolled longer. Smh

    What a dork. Not going to lie though. I had a good laugh over it. Hahaha

  3. LMAO, such a troll. And such a dork, he just gives me a lot of reasons to admire and be his fan till this day????

    There’s so many things to like, and… gah~!


    I thought he was serious for a while though, and I was like ‘about time Bae!’

  4. i almost cried! don’t do that again young bae. please, i’ll die! but anyway, its nice to figure out what type of girl you want to have, and it seems that i have the idea on what style i will be doing to myself in order for you to be happy to see that girl with a real person, of course, that’s me:) ❤

  5. LOL what a troll! haha, my heart was racing so fast as I read the title and I sincerely wished it was true…someday YB, someday.

    And maybe its just me but the picture reminds me of Jennie Kim (YG trainee and girl from GD’s ‘That XX’)

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