Taeyang’s on Instagram!

His account name is youngbeezzy and he’s dropping gems like this one:

So follow him y’all!  Hopefully he’ll be putting his phone camera to good use…

And another little photo courtesy of artist friend Mina Kwon (@MINAKWON):

Caption: “Yay!!!young beeezzy just got his instragram acc!! Finally~!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

Caption: “Oh sideshow youngbeezzy’s instagram username is youngbeezzy…”


16 thoughts on “Taeyang’s on Instagram!”

  1. Oh YB…first he tempts me want to have a Twitter account, and now he makes me want to join Instagram. How long can I resist? Hahah

    YB looks so UNF in Mina’s picture.

    No comment on his hair. Just that he can do whatever he wants to it as long as he has his handy dandy caps ready.

    1. ohmygahd…caps with don’t care long hair swag flowing out underneath; swag just…grrr, why does he make me want to not…i don’t…i just…*fangirl derp*

        1. if you like this comment, wait til you see me if he ever dyes it blonde…it’ll be the end of my life. kinda wish he’d quit stalling and get my fantasy tattoo already (i.e. his YGE pendant design on his back *continues to fangirl derp*)

  2. Ommggggggg. I’m completely spazzy because I have this ridiculous obession with him and messy hair. (Hey, everyone has a quirk…) Today was a good day…. Sideshow Bob ..er… youngbeezy FTW!

  3. OMMABAE!!! sorry, hair is giving throwback Hot Duggou vid vibes (hair was similar). don’t love it, don’t hate it…maybe if left eyebrow ring makes a comeback? no?

  4. I just joined Instagram recently and was trying to look for him, lol.

    YES!!! Now I’m stalking him on both Twitter and Instagram!! (Not going to say how scary that sounds… haha)

    And I’m loving his new hair, hahaha… Adds a lot of swag, though I don’t know if it’s his ‘i’m cool what you gonna do about it’ face or I’m just fangirling… hahahah

    So many things to be happy about this morning (at my end anyway, haha)!

  5. I feel like we’re getting closer and closer to the Youngbae in his younger years. The one that was very outgoing and not shy basically like GD’s stage persona lol because I felt like in 2008 through the beginning of 2010 there was a very different Bae. One that was more reserve and closed and I think that was due to his depression kinda state which was pretty obvious to me during Wedding Dress phase but I’m glad with his change of attitude in I Need A Girl promotion and now after Big Bang’s promotion and all Youngbae’s unexpected acts, I’m quite happy that he’s finally able to express himself a lot more now. We’re getting a closer look at his real personality! YAY!

  6. i think he’s experimenting with whatever hairstyle that suits him for his comeback.
    i like the messy hair.he can do the braids too,but never ever shave the hair on the forehead and side,ugh at his recent pics with the braids.it’s nothing like his photoshoot in hommes.
    if all fails,he can always use caps or shave everything off lol

    whatever.just give me good music.

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