Taeyang meets up with 2012 Big Bang Global Cover Contest Winners

More photos beneath the cut.

Taeyang superfan Dome finally met up with his idol! Thai Big Bang cover group, Lollipop CZ, met up with Big Bang along with the rest of the winners of Big Bang’s Global Cover Contest Winners.

Photos from Big Bang’s Official Facebook (via bigbangupdates.)

I’m so happy that Taeyang is so approachable with fans and seems to make a genuine effort to build a little connection in the short time he has when he meets them. I thought this particular video shows that side of him really well – cool, funny, warm and sweet – and gives us a glimpse of his huge heart underneath the celebrity exterior.

GDragon tweeted the photo he was seen taking in the video (@IBGDRGN) :

GD: 영배형 너 옆에 모자쓴애누구에요?
Translation: Youngbae-hyung, who is that next to you in the cap?

TY: 나도 누가 난지 모르것다..
Translation:  I don’t know which is me…

3 thoughts on “Taeyang meets up with 2012 Big Bang Global Cover Contest Winners”

  1. Gawdddd….this man! How can he make me fall in love with him over and over and over again!!

    He’s so comfortable with his fans. Making them comfortable and not so nervous.

    He has that dorky side that skates into the cafeteria to greet them and wish them a happy meal.

    He has that thoughtful side that takes Dome aside and gives him personal advice.

    He has that playful side that just comes out when he meets his ultimate fanboy.

    Akdhainfiafhihail. I just love him.

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