[COD] Taeyang tweets: Do you think that I need a girlfriend?

Taeyang made a surprising and puzzling series of tweets today:

And probably after reading his mentions, this came:

G-Dragon certainly agreed with that idea:

Translation: “Me too.”

While Tablo has another solution:

I figure that Taeyang can work out the answer to that on his own. 🙂 Not that he really needs any convincing from us to date or not to …

Speaking of GDYB, seems like they really do like the same things. Taeyang was really amused at this candid shot from Music Station:

And GD liked it too:

“His sharp eyes” (translated by @LueKim)

That photo is just begging for a good caption…

3 thoughts on “[COD] Taeyang tweets: Do you think that I need a girlfriend?”

  1. Phahwhwhahha, sad that I missed his tweets, but he sure is cute with that question…. and the picture of course, lol

    Tablo’s answer is gold, hahaha. If YB does want to get a girlfriend well, there’s no stopping him. I think he will learn and get a lot out of it.

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