Taeyang reveals new hairstyle (120823)

At Gimpo airport on the way to Japan…

Thanks to 518% for the photos!

I guess we now know why he’s been growing it out…  (To those of us who have been guessing he was going for braids – looks like we were right.)  It’s similar to one of his looks on the L’Officiel Hommes photoshoot and of course he’s had cornrows before, so it’s not completely new but it’s a change nonetheless. I liked the braids back then so let’s see how this goes once the initial surprise wears off (and the headscarf is gone.)  😉

I wonder if he will be experimenting with several different looks in the “off season” since he won’t really be promoting much for several months.  At least now he’ll have enough hair to try different things…


9 thoughts on “Taeyang reveals new hairstyle (120823)”

  1. I swear, he’s such a troll.

    Everytime people start complaining about his hairstyle, he changes it to something that makes everyone just go WTF.

    I think he can pull it off though. YB rocks braids like no other.

    1. 😀 My thoughts…when i saw him with his braids, i had to watch again My girl…can’t explain (too lazy)…chanting said it all. peace xD

  2. LOL was my initial reaction, haha, cant say I love the new ‘do but hey whatever, the boys can experiment and do as he pleases. Reminds me of his cornrow days back in the day…

  3. IDK, I mean that mohawk..it always seems to suit him. I personally perfer him better with the mohawk than with the cornrolls. I mean his buzz cut wasn’t so bad.

  4. Aysss……lo siento pero no me gusta!!!! El es un encanto pero su look new me hace pensa q estoy ante un norteamericano y no ante un sur coreano encantador y tierno!!! Sorry!!!

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