Big Bang performs Fantastic Baby on Music Station (120824)

Thanks to BigBangAlive2012 for the upload! Alternative link here in case it gets taken down.

Well, Taeyang’s certainly bursting with energy. Not quite sure what was going on with the backtrack since their vocals didn’t seem quite in synch, but it was a spirited performance and they looked like they were enjoying themselves.

This performance gives me a strange sense of deja vu because it reminds me so much of 2006 when Taeyang was all bouncy and happy in BB’s LaLaLa  performances sporting those cornrows and the headscarf.  Feeling nostalgic all of a sudden.

3 thoughts on “Big Bang performs Fantastic Baby on Music Station (120824)”

  1. StripperBae and Swan Queen are back in action!!!!

    His energy was out the roof. Loved it. Looks like the guys missed performing together because they seem so happy here.

    I’m with you, the vocals sounded really off. But they didn’t sound bad at all. More of what you said a out the backtrack not matching up.

    And although I was all “WTF” about YB’s hair. I’m really really really feeling it. I had already decided after my initial reaction that I would just accept what he does with his hair. Luckily any changes he makes can be temporary. But YB is really rocking the hair.

  2. Something tells me that big bang’s concept is about to change again. Probably with a coming of new album and a style of fashion too as always. Judging by taeyang’s hairstyle, it does remind you of his early look and they had more of a hip-hop and r and b touch. Their hair is very simple. I haven’t seen tops hair simple for a long time. I don’t know but I smell the gradual winds of change coming along. Which I hope more solo projects from yb. I hope for some of that My girl flair with the overload of his dance skills and that sexiness with a touch of bad boy. hehe!

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