Jinbo reinterprets Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” on KRNB

R&B artist Jinbo has been releasing reinterpretations of popular kpop hits for his upcoming mixtape “KRNB” one by one. The latest  is his version of Taeyang’s I Need A Girl, more directly named “I Need You Girl

Check out the other songs Damn (based on SNSD’s “Gee”)  and Love Game (based on BoA’s “Game”.) KRNB will be released for free on August 29. (Update: Get it for free here at http://jinbothesuperfreak.bandcamp.com/)

Dialing up the funk, Jinbo takes the smooth, sweet yearning of the original and transforms the song into a finger snapper with a completely different mood. His “reinterpretations” have all been interesting so far (I especially like the very naughty “Damn”) and am looking forward for the rest to drop.

Let Jinbo know what you think – @JINBOsuperfreak on twitter.

8 thoughts on “Jinbo reinterprets Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” on KRNB”

  1. Oh Jinbo…….you naughty naughty man. That last line will have imaginations running wild. Lol

    “Will you come to Korea to visit me, or will you invite me to your country?”-wtf Jinbo. Hahahaahahah

    You described this song perfectly BM. I couldn’t help but snap my fingers as I was listening to this. I really really liked this version.

    YB needs to make one of Jinbo’s dreams come true and work with him ASAP.

  2. From the description on Soundcloud:

    For the third single off KRNB, Jinbo revisits Taeyang’s (of Big Bang) 2010 single “I Need a Girl.” Decorated with chord progression of Tom Browne’s “Funkin’ For Jamaica (N.Y.),” it displays heartfelt vocals that were inspired by the late Michael Jackson. A love serenade listing the qualities he seeks from an ideal girl, the sweet charm from the original takes a more mature turn on this up-tempo reinterpretation.

    KRNB will be available for free download via Jinbo’s Bandcamp on August 29. 2012.

    lol… no kimchi fried rice this time around, Jinbo is looking for a girl who likes Indian, Mediterranean and Thai food.

    1. It’s really YB’s call at this point. The boy has to use that Iphone he’s so attached to AND GIVE JINBO A CALL. He has the time before his next release comes around.

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