Big Bang on Fuji TV’s Hanetobi – eng subbed (120618)

Yay!  bbvipchannel has subbed Big Bang’s hilarious guest stint on Fuji Tv’s “Haneru no Tobira.”

Check out bbvipchannel for download links too.

Haha! I won’t give away any spoilers in case any of you hasn’t seen it yet, but it’s good variety. (And Taeyang’s Japanese seems to improve when he’s excited lol.)

9 thoughts on “Big Bang on Fuji TV’s Hanetobi – eng subbed (120618)”

  1. This episode was hilarious even without the subs. Too bad I’m off to bed. Have to wait until tomorrow to watch it 😦

    I love how YB’s Japanese improves when he’s angry. The man is so competitive. The other members better watch out when he’s angry. Haha

  2. awww…poor baby.haha.knowing how he is with money, he must have really felt bad about losing his turn. but i love YB here. so curious about the other item’s worth.

  3. what was with YB? he was so agitated. I thought he was just joking at first but then I didn’t know anymore, he kept calling SR annoying and even asked for another round. LOL. i think he really hated not choosing the item that was his first choice

      1. I think he was genuinely annoyed – you know how competitive he is (and when they made him wear that tassel on his ear, ugh.) Especially when he had to pay so much (the equivalent of nearly US$3000) and actually had to borrow cash off SR on camera — eek. Though I am sure he knows a big reaction makes for better TV, so there is that and it did all end well.

  4. LOL, omg poor Bae, I know he HATES losing. But I poor VI too, lol shoulda listened to him for once Bae, kekeke.

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